Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can we say RANDOM?

Welcome back!  It is August 23, 2012 and I am writing in my blog.  You might assume that my life has taken a crazy turn for the busy, and I won't stop you from this assumption.  And it isn't totally wrong either.

My new job is going well, but seriously, it does not encroach on my personal life in any way, which is nice (for a change).  Meanwhile, back at my old job, things are not quite as clean.  But there is always room for improvement, so hopefully things will turn around for them.  I am just glad that I got the hell out of Dodge when I did.  Yikes.

As for my house?  Things are moving forward.  Onward.  Upward?  Twirling towards freedom?  (There is a Simpson's allusion that just happened, did you know?)  I have an offer on the table and it is now just a matter of getting my lenders whatever information they need so they can make a decision about whether or not to accept the offer, which is a short sale.

In my (optimistic) opinion, I should be house-free by Christmas.  Until then, I keep paying the bills while remaining encamped at my parents' home.  So far, it has not been that bad, but I suspect when the winter confinement starts, things might start to get a little more tricky for us from a psychological standpoint.  There are many potential outcomes in circulation for what I will do when I have the financial freedom to seek out a new living situation.  So many, in fact, that it is hardly worth getting into them right now because it would make your head spin.

Long story short, I am starting to get my head around the idea that I will finally be able to have options.  One of the downsides of home ownership is that one's options become very limited.  Not just financially, but in general quality of life.  I love the show House Hunters International and secretly wish one day to be featured as I seek my new living quarters in some fabulous place like London or Stockholm.

In the past, knowing that I have this house/mortgage weighing on me has kept my imagination in check.  But now, very slowly, it is starting to run a little wild.

Perhaps I will move up into the north woods and become the next big hermit author of the great American novel.  Maybe I will get a nice little apartment in this area, keep my current job and enjoy the proximity to civilization and the workplace.  Maybe I will build a yurt in the tundra and live with no indoor plumbing.  Or not.

This much I do know:  I am not buying another house.  At least not in the near future.  I have student loans to repay and other financial responsibilities that will not go away with the sale of my house.  My plan is to live on a different kind of budget; one that does not require that I fork out nearly half my monthly income to put a roof over my head.  At least if I can help it.

So does that help you understand where my thoughts have been as of late?  I know it is a stupid excuse and I should really get back on track with writing, but I am not making any promises.  But stay tuned.

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