Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just when you thought it would never happen...

Voila, it is now summer!  Just when I thought it might never come...

Lest you think that my life has been stressful, boring or angst-filled since my last writing, I will tell you that things are indeed changing.

Well, not everything.  But a lot of things.  It's all good though.  Mostly.

First, jobs.  Not mine, exactly, although I am still enjoying my "new" digs almost one year into the gig.  I plan to stick around for a while, if they'll have me.  That window seat sure helps.

No, I refer instead to the un or under-employed members of my immediate family.  First, my brother.  Although he has been temporarily employed since the end of this past March at a local zoo, he has now accepted a teaching position back in Madison and will be returning to his betrothed and their menagerie of critters tomorrow.  This makes a lot of people very happy for various reasons that I do not feel I need to state.  Happy times, though.

Then there is my mother.  As of July 1, she will be embarking on her career as a counselor.  It will be in a location that is more conveniently located to the farm, which will in effect be putting the gears into motion for my parents to make their big move and possibly sell their house sooner than originally planned.  We are all very proud of her and excited to see how she transitions into a professional life. 

All of the above stated changes do affect me in ways other than just general happiness, however.  As I am still living in the house of my parents, I am now in the process of seeking out a new place to live.  My criteria is deceptively simple, but I have yet to encounter the "right" location, so keep your fingers crossed.  But honestly, I am very excited at the prospect of once again having my own space. 

It does occur to me that perhaps one of the reasons my blogging has dwindled in the past several months is that my inspiration has traditionally come out of frustration or thwarted desires in my life.  Now that I am relatively free from many of these things, I find that I have less impulse to write. 

Maybe my house hunt will bring me that much needed creative push.  Or maybe organizing the move with my parents will drive me to the breaking point.  Who knows?  In the meantime, keep picturing me walking in fields with bunnies and birds (to eat the wood ticks) and singing my little songs.  I will let you know if any dark clouds appear on the horizon.

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