Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember me?

I have been living through some weird times, folks.  I apologize for my lack of postings, but I have found that when I start to write, everything comes back to the fact that I am caught in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment.

Not to bring you all down too much, but I am experiencing a little bit of work-related stress as of late.  Things are about to change, but I am not exactly certain in what way exactly.  I do not even know exactly when it will happen.  The end result could be good or bad; all that I know is that things will not remain the same.  Part of me is excited, but part of me is just confused.  I am trying to transition myself into a library job that does not appear to be forthcoming and the job I have kept for security purposes may be drastically changed.

Enough of that.

Elsewhere in the universe, good things are happening.  I had a birthday.  One of my good friends had a baby.  I am getting an elliptical machine.  Lena is taking it all in stride.

In the process of spring cleaning around the office, my coworker came across some freestyle drawings that I made her on scratch paper.  I shall share a few of them right now.

True artists make sure to let their audience know that their work is truly art.
I think the point of this drawing was to mock Mary's love of leggings and perhaps gladiator sandals, two fashion trends I find particularly ridiculous.

Way to stick with a theme.
If you have to explain your art, it loses some of its meaning, right?  So just guess.

You know what?  I think I will wait and share more of these later.  They are taking WAY too long to upload and I have a book to start.  If you're interested, it is "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," by Jennifer Lawson, aka The Bloggess.  It is brand new on the market, and I am convinced that it will lead me to happy laugh-filled thoughts that can hopefully take my mind off the things that have me freaked out at the moment.

So off to it.

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