Monday, October 8, 2012

The Day of Columbus

If you were wondering, I survived my trip to the Edina Super Target on Saturday, but barely.  Seriously, it was tense from the beginning.  Some guy rushed in ahead of me and took the cart I was heading for without so much as a backwards glance. 

From there it was all downhill.  Seriously, at one point I had to wait for several minutes while some guy carried out a phone conversation parked in front of the very item I was waiting to grab.  A pushier person would have walked up, said a pointed "Excuse me," and moved on.  But I am not such a person, so I waited.  Meanwhile, his wife/girlfriend/mistress stood in front of the cart, watching him talk and clearly seeing me behind him with my cart while taking no action.

It was all a mess of inconsiderate stopping, blocking and cutting off from there on in.  At one point, I paused to check if it was safe to head out into the main aisle when some douche-bag swerved around me and headed into the next aisle over which happened to be where I was heading as well.  I followed him into the aisle where he promptly stopped and I passed around him.  It reminded me of driving on a highway when someone passes you only to pull back in front of you and slow down to turn five seconds later.

The grand finale was the discovery that someone had been injured in the produce section.  I do not know the specifics of the circumstances that led to someone laying on the floor in front of the bell peppers surrounded by concerned Target workers, but the amount of walk-by gawking was equal to what one sees upon passing a car pulled over on the highway.  No one looks where they are going as they stare at the injured party.  Ambulances came before I left, so I assume that there was a medical emergency.  Thankfully, I did not see any blood.

You may have noticed by now that this entry is dated for Monday.  Do not worry, I am not writing from work; it is Columbus Day.  I realize that this is not a widely recognized holiday, but my employer treats it as such and I applaud them for it.  Truthfully, I have enjoyed this holiday every October for the past 11 years.  When my last employer was taken over by a new company, we quickly learned that this company would not be recognizing this holiday which was a complete bummer to me.  I am not saying that this was the main reason I left, but it certainly made for a pleasant surprise when I learned that I would receive holiday pay.

Another bonus of the holiday?  A four day work week.  It is one of my favorite things.  True, it does throw off my sense of time a wee bit, but I can handle it.  My parents have also come home, which means that I only have to share my bed with one dog instead of three.  I can handle that as well.

For those of you who cannot spend this fine holiday ruminating on the person of Christopher Columbus, I hope that your Monday was not too rough and I apologize for bragging.  May you have a day full of discovery.

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