Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I just completed a lovely mid-day walk with Lena and have another 45 minutes before I am obligated to do anything, so I decided that I should go for the gusto and write on the old blogoboard.  I believe my last post was pre-election, so by now some of the uncertainties and tensions have subsided.  Whether or not you were pleased with the outcome, I do not honestly care.  As in all election years, my life continues on its own trajectory regardless of who is in the hot seat.

Quite honestly, I am just thrilled that we can now go another couple of years without having to watch political ads. 

Today officially marks the first time I have been able to take fully approved vacation time at work.  After starting my new job in July, I entered into a three month probation period during which I was ineligible for paid vacation time.  Technically I was ineligible for unpaid vacation time as well, but thankfully did have some sick time available for the great Cold of October 2012.

As it is the day before Thanksgiving, my original plan was to get out of work, grab my dog and head out to the farm.  But then I realized that my car was overdue for an oil change.  So to address that situation, I made an appointment for mid-afternoon.  After that is done I will grab my dog and head out to the farm.

Unfortunately, I am now dealing with the Mystery Cough-Related Illness of November 2012.  I blame the jerk who sits in the cubicle row next to mine who has spent the last two weeks irresponsibly coughing out into the universe without covering his face.  Now I have the pleasure of multiple coughing fits during that day that bring me to a full face of tears and snot.  Beautiful, I assure you.

In news that is not related to me, baby season is officially over.  I think that I am safe to say it here because here is not Facebook, but today I received a text that my last pregnant friend had her baby yesterday.  She was a few weeks early, so I was not expecting this message, but everything appears to have gone well, so I am thrilled. 

Turns out, most of my friends have had girls.  I don't know if this is normal, but it sure makes my shopping a lot easier.  I get a little giddy when I think of all the awesome stuff I can buy.  It does make me feel a little guilty that I have not seen or given my gifts to my friend with the sole male child, but I am sure that by the time I meet him I will be able to get some really awesome boy toys. 

Not to be too sentimental, but I would like to say that this Thanksgiving I am thankful that all my pregnant friends had their babies safely and that everyone can now start their new roles as mothers and fathers.  I am thrilled for them all, and on a slightly lesser note I am thrilled that it is them and not me, as I sleep peacefully through the night.  (Heh heh.)

Time appears to be getting away from me and I still have the task of packing ahead of me so that I can follow through with my plan to come home from the oil change, grab the dog and go.  It isn't a difficult task to pack for the farm, but it does require that I think about it or I will end up leaving behind something important, like socks.

For those of you out there traveling to be with friends or family this week, I wish you safety.  Eat, drink and be merry.  Do the drinking on my behalf, because now that I am on Weight Watchers, I am off the sauce.  Did you like how I dropped that WW bomb on you with no explanation?  Perhaps I can share more about that later, depending on how my post-Thanksgiving weigh-in turns out.  

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