Thursday, May 17, 2012

I really should be getting to bed...

You may be wondering what has happened to me.  Did I get sick?  Win the lottery?

The answer is NO to both, but I have been spending most days feeling as though I have been hit by a truck.  As I may have already mentioned, my job is in a bit of chaos-mode at the moment.  This has been hard for many reasons.

1.  People.  In any change of this kind, there are going to be changes in personnel, but the farewells are much more abrupt and closure is much harder to find.

2.  Role.  Unlike a normal "new job" situation, we were not given the opportunity to know what our full options were.  They pretty much have taken us as we stand and plugged us into jobs that work in the short term.  Obviously, things could shake out differently at a later time, but for now it pretty much sucks.  Hardly anyone is doing what they are qualified for or even want to do, myself included.  Every position I have ever taken has been by choice, as in I found the position and decided that I wanted it.  This is more or less a "this is all we've got" type of scenario.

3.  Trust.  In any "hostile" takeover, there is the slightly major problem that even though this new company is now in charge and may have an impressive balance sheet, we have no real way of knowing what they are like to work for, aside from what the transitional crew tells us, which I suspect is carefully scripted.  Unfortunately, the "real" workers are all quite far away from where we are, so it's a bit difficult to understand their reputation.

4.  Plans.  Originally, I decided to go back to graduate school because I wanted to make a career change.  I hoped to hang on to my old and reliable job until something panned out in the library realm, but that has turned out to be a very slow process.  In the meantime, there are still bills to be paid.  Translation: I now find myself not only applying to library jobs but to jobs in my "old" line of business.  It is very surreal.

If you didn't pick up on the hint, I do not intend to stick around with the new regime, at least not if I can find a decent alternative.  Call me crazy, but I prefer well-established local companies when it comes to employers.  Just personal preference, I guess.

Aside from the job crazy-ness, I finally got my elliptical machine, which means that I have been diligently (albeit not cheerfully) getting up at 5 a.m. to use it EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.  Good, right?  Sure.  That reminds me, it's almost 9:30 p.m.  I need to get to bed.

I promise, when things calm down a bit and I start getting more sleep, I will try to resume a more regular writing schedule.  It may not be for another few weeks (or even months), but hang in there with me, OK?

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