Thursday, September 6, 2012

Branching out

It is truly a magical time, you guys.  I have spent this year (so far) doing a lot of new things.

New job, moving and selling my house, paying for new school loans.  You know, fun stuff.

Oh yeah, and I finally gave in and read the craptastically "amazing" Twilight series.  I would apologize to all of my friends and potential friends and readers for my assessment, but I am entitled to an opinion and now that I have actually read all of the books, I am qualified to express it.

If you are not familiar with me and my ways, you may not be aware that I have a tendency to resist things that I sense are silly or will waste my time.  This is, of course, subjective to my personal taste as some may argue that I willingly spend a great deal of time on silly endeavors such as blogging, reading or talking to my dog.

The whole Twilight thing is a case in point.  I knew the basic premise of the storyline for the "saga" because several of my friends were fans and felt compelled to share.  Also, I am not blind or deaf.  I have seen all the hoopla on TV and online about the books, movies and more importantly, the actors who star in the movies.  Even my idyllic romp through Tuscany in 2010 was marred by friends giddily traipsing through the streets of Montepulciano pretending to be Bella, Edward, Ginger or whoever it was that was in that part.

My point is that I spent a great deal of time making fun of the books based on what I had gained through hearsay and not through personal evaluation.  And I always find that arguments are much more compelling when one has the facts.  So I read them.  And now I can mock them.

This brings me to another such scenario:  Pinterest.  Earlier in the year, I watched with skepticism as one of my dear friends whiled away the hours exploring the "wonders" of this website.  When I asked her what exactly it really was meant to be, she had a hard time explaining it.  She invited me to join, but I sensed that it was perhaps a magnet for the crafty or wannabe crafty set, and I declined.

But eventually, like many things, I capitulated and decided to make an informed decision.  I joined and navigated my way through the rules of "pinning" things to my "boards."  It was actually fun at first, but my interest dwindled a bit after a while when reality set in and it became clear that I was unlikely to ever use any of the fabulous recipes or make any of the seemingly easy projects.

That is not to say that I do not check on things periodically.  I like to see what other people are into, for the most part, that is.  Some people are just a little overzealous in the amount of pins they collect.  I mean, seriously, WHEN are you ever going to find time to do any of the 300+ DIY decorating projects you have lined up for yourself?  Are you really a sewing master?  Do you really think that sprinkling epsom salts on your stovetop will make it clean?  (Don't actually do that, it's not a real tip.  I think.)

Despite my pessimism and slight irritation over some of the pins I have seen that are either downright wrong or insanely stupid, I find that the most perplexing situation I have found involves MEN who use Pinterest.  Let me qualify that statement:  STRAIGHT men who use Pinterest.

In specific, there is one male pinner I follow who really isn't a close friend, but he is a Facebook friend and I have known him since childhood, so I thought maybe he would have some interesting or funny things to share.  After all, he is a comedian.

At first, his stuff was pretty entertaining.  Then he started pinning fashion ideas for himself.  Again, not a terrible thing, but a little weird.  Maybe my personal experience is too limited, but I do not interact with many men who give that much forethought to their wardrobe.  But whatever, cool.

Then he started a board entitled "girls, do this."  Don't freak out, it is nothing dirty.  It is, more or less, a way for him to show the women of the world what kind of fashion and accessories he finds to be attractive.  Sort of a template for women to say, "See gals?  If you dress like this, I will find you hot and might consider making you my girlfriend."

Oh, did I not mention that he is single?  A girlfriend might actually take offense to this unless he was paying tribute to her natural style by telling other girls to be as awesome as her.

And it really isn't that the outfits or shoes are ugly, inappropriate or demeaning.  It is just weird.  I do not understand the purpose.  Is it to be funny?  Flirty?  Assertive?  Ironic?  As far as I can tell, these are things he really does like. 

But this leads me to the inevitable fact that in order to pin these items, he has to go looking for them.  Sure he could troll the fashion boards of female friends and just repin.  But I get the sense that he is going out to clothing sites and pinning directly.  Either way, this guy might just have too much time on his hands.  It may be time for a "pintervention."  Do you like that?  I am sure I am not the first to use it, so I won't lay claim to it, but it is good.  I know.

OK, so it is time to take my next allergy pill.  You know how I know?  My eyes are burning.  And no, it's not because I am mocking too many people tonight.  It really is allergies.

Oh, and wish me luck.  I am in charge of all three dogs tonight which means slumber party!!!!!  But we cannot stay up too late; it's a work night. 

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