Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beware the seaweed

Tonight I did something abnormal.  Rather than let you guess what it was, I will give you the answer.  I ate sushi.  Not probably as cool or bizarre as you were hoping, but I definitely did not wake up this morning intending to consume sushi. 

I did, however, wake up this morning intending to meet my friend for dinner.  We had not yet selected a place; that act would not occur until almost the end of the working day when we decided to meet up in a specific suburb.  From there, she listed a few options and I selected a restaurant that just happens to also serve sushi.

To explain, I have had a complicated relationship with this foodstuff.  I understand the appeal, at least in theory.  My problem lies primarily in the consuming of said edible.  I am not one who enjoys choking down giant pieces of rice-laden chunks containing seaweed.  It is just too difficult.  Fortunately, my dinner partner is not the kind of person who judges others based on how they eat sushi, so I was able to use a knife and fork without criticism.

Unfortunately, I also forgot one of the other common side effects that comes with a meal such as this.  I suppose one could say that I have a hard time digesting seaweed.  As in, it makes my stomach feel funny and gives me gas.  Painful gas.  Too much information?  Just be glad you're not sitting next to me.

In other news, much is happening right now.  First, my brother and his girlfriend FINALLY got engaged.  I hope I am safe to announce it here, but as my readership is small and unlikely to post to their Facebook walls a public congratulations, I think I am fine.  Obviously, I am thrilled.  It has been a LONG time coming and I am excited that I am finally going to have a sister (in-law).  Plus, we get to go to Vermont.  In the fall.  Jealous?

As for other excitement, my house sale is scheduled to occur in one week.  The move-out process is ongoing, but I am confident that we will get it done this weekend and I can put it all behind me in seven days.  I have not yet decided how I will celebrate, but it probably should be memorable.

In stupid news, I received a Facebook friend request from someone I am not sure that I know.  Normally this would not be report-worthy news, but this person happens to have the same name as someone I went on a few dates with SIX OR SEVEN YEARS AGO.  To be fair, it is a common name, but I don't know any others, so it is possible that it was the winner I went out with after meeting him at an office party for a title company.  Either way, yuck.

Don't worry, I didn't accept his request.  In fact, when Facebook asked me if I knew this person outside of the request, I said NO and he is now barred from further attempts at contact.  Thank goodness.  It is a little weird when you consider that my profile picture is not of me, so how could he really know that he got it right?  I really need to update that thing.  After all, I am moving!

So on that note, I will bid you adieu.  Good night.  Farewell!  Be safe!

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