Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survival of the fittest, but not the cutest

In my first day post-sale, I cannot say that I did anything really crazy.  I went to work, worked, came home, went to Norwegian.  And now I am home.

There was a little bit of excitement mid-day that caused a minor disturbance for me and a coworker.  I think it bears repeating.

So my colleague and I were seated in the company cafe/restaurant eating our lunches to enjoy some quality time away from our cubicles.  There is just something a little too disheartening about eating while staring at beige fabric walls.

Our office cafeteria is on the first floor of a large office building.  We are located off of two major highways, so it is a bit of a concrete jungle.  Not exactly scenic.  But we like to sit by the window and pretend that we are not in an office building.

Today as we ate, we noticed a slight movement at our window and were delighted to spy a small rodent-like creature about the size of a mouse hopping along in the snow.  We watched him pass and I gave a fleeting thought to the fact that he was out the in open and visible to more than just our watchful eyes.

Approximately one minute after our sighting, my dining companion gave a startled gasp.  I turned around and followed her gaze to see a fairly good sized hawk standing on the ground near the projected path of our furry friend.  This could not bode well for him, but we could not immediately discern whether or not the hawk had been successful.

Initially, I thought not, but it soon became apparent that I was wrong.  One of the men at the table behind us had noticed our alarm and had taken a closer look.  He confirmed that it indeed appeared that our rodent friend was no longer with us in the land of the living. 

Truthfully, this is not the sort of thing one wishes to witness while eating one's lunch, no matter how "natural" it is in the grand scheme of life.  It was so bothersome that my coworker and I quickly departed and returned to our cubicles, both quietly wishing to be home cuddling with our dogs of all things.

Will this be the worst thing I have to face this week?  I certainly hope that it will be.  

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