Friday, February 1, 2013

Cold enough for ya?

After a week that has been, quite frankly, somewhat surreal, I am excited to have a weekend to lay low and not move furniture.  The fact that I am not a property owner any longer has not completely sunk into my brain yet.  At least I don't believe it has.  It will probably not be fully realized until a full month has passed where I do not have to pay any of the associated bills.  Then I will party.

Today in Minnesota, it was pretty cold.  People might argue with me on that, but I didn't have to spend much time in it, thank goodness.  In a fit of boredom today, I hopped on to the website for the local newspaper.  Aside from my extreme annoyance at their amount of unnecessary pop-up ads, I find it to be a useful source of news/distractions.  Today, they had a reader poll asking whether people preferred weather such as we are experiencing right now or the 100 degree high humidity days of summer. 

It must have been a big day for idiots on the website, because the second choice was slightly ahead.  To be fair, asking such a pointed question in the midst of a cold snap probably creates some bias.  I would suspect that if asked the same question during the latter weather, the results would have been different.

Truly, I find complaints about cold in Minnesota winter to be a bit ridiculous.  This is how it is in this part of the country.  This isn't Florida.  It isn't Guatemala.  And it isn't Antarctica either.  In total, how many days out of the year must we endure extreme cold?  Probably less than 10.  Now think back to last summer.  How many of those miserable, sticky, hard-to-breathe days did we have?  Well more than 10 I would say.  So if you can't take the cold, get out of the tundra.  *Yes, I know this isn't the tundra, technically speaking.  Just go with it.

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