Friday, February 15, 2013

You know it's official. I have an appointment.

I may have mentioned this before, but it has been a long time since I had a haircut.  Over six months, to be exact.  While in the grand scheme of my life, it may not be the longest wait, in the last decade it very well may be. 

But I have put forth the effort and the wait shall soon be over.  On Thursday next, I have an appointment.  To keep going with all this proactive momentum, please note that I also have a grooming appointment for Lena on the following Saturday.  Come next Sunday, we two ladies shall be all prettied up and ready to take on the world.

Right now, as I write, my entire family is in the city of Madison of the state of Wisconsin.  It is ostensibly to celebrate both the birthdays of my brother and his betrothed, but also the actual betrothal itself as we have seen neither of them since the big news came out.  Sadly, I shall have to wait for my celebration, but I am sure when it happens it will be epic.

My weekend does not promise to be quite as amazing, but I think it will definitely be passable.  Tonight I am chilling with the pup-squad and tomorrow I have lunch plans with a friend.  These plans will bring me back to the area of my former employment, so it should be nostalgic at the very least.

Valentine's Day was, to put it succinctly, the "same as it ever was."  I am not one to really dwell on or become saddened by the fact that I am not in a relationship, so it pretty much passes by with little fanfare for me.  My mother and I went to dinner where I had my first "domestic" beer in a very long time.  I couldn't finish an entire glass.  I was not sure if I should be sad or proud.

This week it has finally started to sink in that I do not own a house any more.  It it a feeling which is long overdue, but sometimes the big things take longer to feel real.  Not that I am now plotting a course to live in Paris or Oslo, but it is nice to know that I could.

You know, I have found myself worried at times that I do not have enough entertaining information to share on this blog and that perhaps that was a bad sign.  But you know what?  I think it is actually the opposite.  Things are actually looking GOOD for me.  My house is sold, my job is going well, my friends all had their babies, I am feeling good physically and I am getting a haircut on Thursday. 

So really, I cannot complain.  Well, I suppose if I went looking for it, I could, but hey, it's Friday night and I have a holiday on Monday.  So it's pretty nice to be me right now.  But stay tuned, I guess.

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