Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nothing says "special" like satin finish Scotch tape.

Hi hi hi!

The weekend is sadly almost over, but that's OK.  I spent most of mine in a non-relaxing form of activity, so I am actually happy to get to bed early tonight and start a normal work week.

Since I haven't written about it yet, this may come as a surprise to you, but I finally am approved to sell my house.  So it is all going down at the end of this month, and let me tell you something.  Moving is a bitch.  I do not recommend it, even when you can do it in a long and drawn out fashion as I am.

Last weekend I had a little overnight party at my place with Lena in which we boxed up my entire library and kitchen.  This weekend I returned to the scene for my last overnight in my house.  We boxed more stuff and hauled those boxes downstairs.  First thing this morning I personally carried my entire book collection downstairs.  All 24 boxes of it.  And then I kept going with the bins.

I realize that this is likely to leave me in considerable pain tomorrow as I am already hurting in the joints.  But the good news is that my closets are clear and the big move next weekend to the storage unit should be a bit easier.  This will be my first encounter with self-storage, so I am nervous and excited to find out what that entails.

After January 29, I will no longer be a home owner.  In many ways this is a dream come true.  Quite the opposite of what everyone else expects, but it is true.  Yet on several occasions this weekend I found myself reflecting on everything that happened in my life while living in my first place.  The parties, the weekends alone.  My one month with a roommate.  Housing two cars in my garage.  Getting my dog.

To be clear, it is not the house itself that has ever caused me any problems.  It has been wonderful to have a place to myself that feels like a sanctuary.  But it came at a price.  Literally, when you consider that I was financially tied to a mortgage that required I work and make an income sufficient to pay for it.  Less literally, it was the one thing that held me back when I started to consider new options for my life.

Obviously, the changes to the housing market over the past 6 or so years have had an effect on my freedom.  My sale terms are definitely not ideal, but my life has changed and I can no longer wait around for a better day. 

My hope is that once this whole transaction is behind me that my life will start to sort itself out again and perhaps I can consider taking on this blog with a more creative zest once again.  While I am sure some people might find entertainment in my life trials, I am sure there are many who would prefer I return to the days of drawing and lighter things.

Incidentally, I came across a box in my garage that contains notebooks and folders from my junior high years.  Most importantly, I found my art portfolio containing what is likely the best watercolor painting I have ever made.  It is too big to scan, but maybe once I have it out of storage someday I can work out a photograph to showcase its awesomeness. 

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