Thursday, October 28, 2010

Infestation Revisited

I do realize that the cold season has abruptly come upon us here in MN and that this means that all manner of creatures in addition to humans are seeking warmer environments, but it has been causing some problems for me lately.

I know that I wrote about having mice before, but usually it is just one here or there.  Not so much this year.  I have already had two to clear out of traps and I'm not sure if there are more.  So far there haven't been any in my toilets and my kitchen seems remarkably free of chewed up items.

It all started about a week ago when I found another mouse in my downstairs bathroom trap.  OK, I figured, this is where they usually show up, I can handle it.  Then, a couple of nights ago, I was moving a box in my loft/office area, and I saw something dark dart out from behind the box and go into my guest room.  I knew what it was.

As there had never been any traps set in my guest room to this point, I had to adjust my layout a bit.  I put a trap in the guest room and I then shut the door and barricaded the bottom as I'm pretty sure the sneaky little buggers can get out.  I then departed for two days.

Upon my return home tonight, I cautiously entered the guest room to discover that I had been successful in capturing (and killing) yet another mouse.  This set me off to check the rest of my traps.  After walking around and seeing that none of the other traps had been triggered, I came to the last one that sits behind my living room couch.

As soon as I pulled the couch away from the wall, I knew something was wrong.  Outside the trap (which looks like a little black plastic box) there was a bunch of shredded red material.  I had no idea what this could be, but the trap had been set off.  Oddly there was no mouse tail sticking out the back.  I put on my rubber gloves and picked it up.

To my surprise, not only was all the peanut butter bait gone, but the mouse had actually started to chew and destroy the red plastic covering that sits on the killing bar of the trap.  I was honestly quite shocked - it was like the little creep was giving me the finger!  My only hope is that this cheeky little brat was one of the two creatures already captured by my other traps.  If not, I am in for an interesting winter.

So far, my only method of mouse extermination has been setting traditional traps at various places around my house.  While I feel I have been quite successful, if anyone has any additional tips to offer, I would certainly appreciate it.  I should probably add that despite the plummeting temperatures, I have yet to turn on the heat in my house.  Not only is this conducive to my sleep patterns, but I am also hoping that it will encourage my little rodent house guests to go forth to the warmer climates of my adjoining neighbors... who have cats.  :)

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