Saturday, October 16, 2010

When the going gets tough...

Even though I don't think that my lack of entries this week have raised anyone's ire, I still feel like I should apologize.  My time management seems to have gone out the window lately, and I had planned to give a list of excuses, but that's lame.

Instead, I will give you some good news!  My car was finished this week, so I am once again driving my own very special little Toyota.  It was so wonderful to pull into the lot and see my very own car waiting for me with all its cracks and dents repaired.  Perhaps it is a bit lame that I was so excited, but I won't deny it.

Other than that, life has been pretty normal.  I have a group presentation due for my Management class this week that includes a Power Point presentation.  Let me just say that I find Power Point presentations equally useless on both presenter and presentee ends of the spectrum.  I would rather watch golf on TV than be in the same room as a Power Point show.  Unfortunately, my course grade is dependent on this presentation, so my options are limited.  As it is a group project, my teammates are also dependent on my participation, so I cannot in good conscience avoid participation.

On a happier note, this weekend is one of meetings with good and long-time friends.  Tonight I met my favorite blog-reading newlyweds (and marathon runners), Rox and Bill for dinner.  We shared stories, quoted South Park (at least Bill and I did) and ate good food.  I really hope that they weren't locked out of their B & B due to our extended conversation!

If you know me outside of this blog and spent any time with me this week, you probably noticed that I have been a little bit crabby/tense/psychotic.  While part of this can definitely be chalked up to PMS, I am afraid that I might be in the midst of a mid-semester break-down.

In my former educational experiences (especially high school) I was a bit particular about my grades and GPA.  College mellowed me out a bit, but my unexpected good performance so far in grad school has set my personal expectations a bit too high.

After laying awake for many nights troubled over all the impending doom hanging over my head, I finally remembered something that my summer class professor told us: grades don't matter to future employers.  Apparently, for most places looking to hire MLIS grads, the most important part of the qualification is that you have a degree and that it is from an accredited institution.  Getting a grade lower than an "A" will not disqualify you as an applicant!!!

In order to make this work for me, I have adopted a mantra that my dad likes to use that he learned from Bill Murray's character in the movie "Meatballs."  IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!  When I am stressed out about beating the grading curve, I will repeat this phrase (out loud or in my head).  It will become my mantra.  I will use it to remind myself that once this course is done, I will never have to repeat it and can move on to classes that are really interesting to me.

OK, now it is quite late and I still have some online searching to do, but if you happen to see or speak to me in the next 7-8 weeks, be sure to remind me of my new slogan.  I'm sure I will appreciate it.

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