Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleep to dream...

Happy Sunday to all!  For those of my readers and friends (Bill and Roxanne) who ran or are presently running the Twin Cities Marathon, I hope it exceeded your expectations.  It certainly looks like a beautiful day outside to run 26.2 miles!

I would normally not be writing an entry again so quickly after a long and illustrated one, but this will be a "mini."  I promise. 

Somehow I was able to do a massive sleep-in today, which probably signals that I have NOT been getting enough sleep during the week.  I blame my new attempts to get up at 5:45 a.m. to exercise and my seeming inability to fall asleep before midnight.

Anyway, the interesting thing that came out of my late morning snooze was a semi-repeated dream theme of being back in high school.  Specifically, senior year of high school.  Now, in reality, I would probably rate 12th grade as my least favorite year overall.  I was more than ready to be done with high school, my family had moved away to Wisconsin leaving me back in MN, one of my best friends decided to go post-secondary and take her senior year at the community college, all the hot boys were gone, blah blah blah...

However, in my dreams, these things do not enter into the equation any more.  Essentially, the underlying theme is that I am now BACK in high school but I have forgotten all of the important details of high school life.  These details include:  my locker combination, my class schedule, how to play my clarinet and my band locker combination.  Sometimes there are extras.

Additionally, I seem to enter these dreams with a record of truancy.  I find myself wandering through the music area and feeling quite guilty that I have not been to band or choir practice in several years.  Technically speaking, this is true.  I have not been to band or choir practice for more than 12 years.  But apparently in my dream, some of my former classmates have continued their dedication to practice and are now making me look very bad.

In last night's dream, I found myself again wandering the music area and discussing with one of my friends how I had just decided not to be in band or choir by simply never showing up to class.  Why I was not freaking out over the potentially fatal effect this would have on my GPA, I have no idea.  I then found myself back at the main office with my friend searching for my student ID so that I could eat lunch in the cafeteria.  We also picked up my schedule.

Please remember that this is a dream, so my sequence of events may be extremely non-linear.  The next thing I remember is that we were crammed into an auditorium/lecture hall space (which do not exist in reality at WHS) listening to a teacher and writing in spiral-bound notebooks.  On my right hand side was my friend, Kellee, and we were busy making snarky comments about the teacher and the course material.  This is something that we likely would have done in reality.

On my left hand side was a male classmate with whom I was marginally acquainted in high school but was apparently super close friends with in my dream.  Given the cramped space of the auditorium, we were sitting very close together.  There was a lot of disruptive whispering going back and forth among students, and I think the teacher was pretty angry.  Again, this was something that would have deeply bothered me in high school, but not here.

The rather embarrassing conclusion to this dream was that I started making out with the boy on my left.  Again, completely out of the realm of reality for my actual high school experience as I most definitely did not experience my first kiss until I was far away from Willmar.

Does this mean anything?  Nothing?  Should I start practicing my clarinet?  Should Kellee and I road trip it back to Willmar and visit the old alma mater?  Should I attempt to reconnect with the male high school acquaintance and ask him out for coffee?  Hm.  I think it is more than likely that the only one of those things even remotely likely to happen is that I connect with Kellee, but it probably won't be in Willmar.

However, there IS a good chance that I will be back in town sometime in November for a wedding, so who knows?  Stranger things have happened.  I will start practicing my clarinet just in case.

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