Friday, April 15, 2011

Another year older... and wiser?

For the first time in my birthday history, my first waking thought this morning was not, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!” Instead, I thought, “What time is it? Why is Lena jumping off the bed right now? Where AM I???”

The answer to these questions would be, 5 a.m., because my dad is up and making noise and at my parents’ house.

My self-worth has taken a major boost as I have received the special barrage of Facebook and texted birthday greetings – thank you to all who participated. I love to feel loved.

What are my big birthday plans? Well, obviously there is work. Then I have school. Before you have too much pity for me, I will let you know that tonight instead of sitting the classroom for five grueling hours, we are going on a field trip to a really cool printing press. Also, we have been assured that there is no way that we will be on this tour for the full five hours. This should enable me to be home at a decent hour and to perhaps partake in a little celebrating.

Tomorrow, I again have school, but this time the five hours will take place during the day, thus allowing me a full evening to have fun. I am going to dinner with friends and I intend to have a fabulous time and partake of some butterscotch crème brulée. So in other words, turning 31 is not going to be so bad after all. Not that I thought it would be, but this morning as I was driving with my free birthday Caribou drink, I realized that it has been 10 years since my big 21st birthday debacle. (Yes, that’s right, I can do subtraction IN MY HEAD.)

Now, it’s not that I really feel that my 21st birthday was that terribly recent, but a decade of time is really quite a big chunk when you think about it too much. It makes me nostalgic for my college days and really makes me miss my college friends that much more. If I had Star Trek beaming technology as I had always secretly hoped I would by the year 2011, I would immediately beam us all somewhere awesome (like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Disney World or the Moon) and we would party it up good.

Well, that’s all of my birthday update. The weather geeks are predicting snow or a “wintry mix” overnight this evening, but I’m not going to get upset about that. Temperatures are to remain above freezing from now on, so I know it won’t stick around. That’s right weather complainers, so quit your whining and find something else to fret about.

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