Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Morning: A Dogumentary

I have decided that for this entry, in lieu of my normal text-dominated share-fest, I am going to do some photo documenting.  As a quick background, my parents are out of town this weekend for a wedding and I am staying at their house watching their two dogs plus my one dog.  So far today (which I have gloriously taken off of work) I have driven my parents to the airport, had a latte, taken all three dogs for a 2.5 mile walk and photographed them frolicking in the backyard.  Here we go.

Going outside - the thugs have been lying in wait.
Lena, the "friendly" greeter.
Pippi, using her mulching skills to intimidate me.

Thor, the lurker.

Lena, again the deceptively friendly greeter.
The gang seems to have adopted a pack mentality.  How can I break it up?

Perhaps this could be of use.

Hm.  Obviously this ball has seen better days.  It appears to be circa 1990.

Wait!  There seems to be some interest.

Lots of interest.

The victor.  This time.

Reveling in his conquest.

Can I snatch the ball from the jaws of Thor?

Not without a fight.

Thor enjoys his win while Pippi remains indifferent.  Where is Lena?






I realize that the final picture may seem a bit out of place.  Please note that it was not taken by me.  It was, however, on my mom's camera when I downloaded the other pictures.  Yes, that's right, my mother likes to take POSED pictures of her new shoes.  Don't judge, just laugh with me. 

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