Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blah blah blah

I seem to be developing a nasty habit. Perhaps this is a common blogger problem, but I don’t have any data to back it up, so it’s purely speculation. In my list of posts, I have noticed that I have a disturbing trend of writing lengthy entries but never posting them. While I am tempted to go through and eliminate these posts by deleting them, my pack-rat tendencies are not quite ready to let these thoughts and observations disintegrate into the nothingness of time and space.

To be honest, I have been having a hard time as of late. I am well aware of the source of most of this soul-crushing evil, but I don’t feel that I am truly at liberty to say too much about it. Let’s just say that a change of scenery would probably do me a lot of good and I am slowly but surely working to make that change.

On a completely different note, it is almost my birthday. I am saying this more to remind myself than anything. For some reason, this year I have not been hyper-aware of the date. Is this the new norm for me now that I am past the age of 30? Are there no more major age milestones to anticipate until I hit 40? Well, technically I could look forward to turning 35 because that means I would be eligible run for President. Let’s all keep that on our calendars.

I really do truly wish that I had some interesting stories to share, but honestly the most exciting thing that I have done in the last few days was to purchase a Bissell Spot Bot Pet. You may, like my parents, be thinking, “what the heck is that?” What it is, dear readers, is a compact carpet spot cleaner. Now that I have a canine living in my household, I have noticed that she has a tendency to bring nature inside with her after a bathroom break. Nature = large clumps of dirt, mud, grass and bugs.

My natural response to this is to wipe it up or vacuum. Unfortunately, there must be some component to this natural material that causes it to stain my carpet immediately on contact. I tried my usual go-to of Resolve spray to bring up the stain, but no luck. As Lena and I have only been cohabiting for two months, I figured that this rate of destruction would render my living room carpet completely disgusting within a year, so I researched my options.

Professional carpet cleaning? Effective, sure, but expensive and time consuming. Deep cleaning vacuums? Also, probably highly effective, but I already have a vacuum that I love and really don’t need to find room to store another. This led me to the compact cleaners. Not only are they cute, they take 6 minutes to clean the spot and all I have to do is push a button. They do ALL THE WORK. I have now tested it on two set-in stains and I swear it is magic. Best invention ever.

So there you go! My biggest excitement for this birthday week is my acquisition of a new household cleaning appliance! As I have not really been able to come up with a great wish list for my birthday gifts, my parents have been a bit stumped and have threatened to make the new toilet for the farmhouse bathroom my official “gift.” I agreed to this only if I am allowed to decide who can and cannot use it. I will let you know what happens.

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