Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time Travel Volume 1

Let's take a little break from the norm, shall we?  In reference to the fact that I should in fact be spending more time composing an original essay for school and not writing new things for this blog, I am going to post some "vintage" entries.

By "vintage" I do not mean older blog posts.  Good grief, I'm not at that point yet.  At least I hope not.  No, I will attempt to delve back into my pre-adolescent mind and share some of the ramblings and angst that I experienced in seventh grade.  If I need to, I MAY change names to protect the innocent.

Here we go.

Entry No. 1 - 12/27/1992


You're my 3rd diary that locks.  My first one, I got 3 years ago from my grandma.  Eventually my 2 brothers broke the lock and read it, and I have kept it hidden since.  My second one was a birthday present 2 years ago when I turned 11.  This one I just recieved for Christmas from my aunt and uncle.  One thing I especially like about this diary, is that it doesn't put the date in for you.  You write it in your self.  That's good, because I probably won't write every day.  You'll probably notice the space between entries.  At least I won't waste paper.  This seems like an English diary, the type my aunt & uncle would buy.  They also gave me a pair of suede pants, a book called "The Children of Charlecote" and a necklace.  More later!  -Meg


Wow.  Aside from the fact that this may be the most boring entry ever made by a 12 year-old, there's not much to this at first glance.  There was a GLARING spelling error committed here, and I almost self-corrected, but I want to stay true to facts so I left it in.  I'm pleased at my ability to successfully use contractions properly.

Honestly, I am not sure about the locked diary thing, but my memory 18 years ago was probably much more clear.   I do remember dealing with the problem of diaries with pre-written dates.  It always made me feel like such a failure.

Suede pants, huh?  I believe they were purple culottes.  They were all the rage, I'm sure.

I think there's time for one more.

Entry No. 2  -  2/8/93


I never told you who I like.  No one had better be reading this!  I like [name withheld].  He's kindof a femme, but he's a babe!  He plays piano and he's REALLY good!  I mean it!  Like the best in the school! He's got a good voice too.  He's really nice.  He goes to my new church Evangelical Free.  I never knew him before because he went to the Christian school.  My Dog is being innocent after a crime.  I know she's up to something.  She's kissing my leg and I'm wearing leggings!  She just nose printed my diary!  [Initials of crush] is a BABE!  Stars & Stripes Forever Man!  Dogiss!  Maggie!  -Meg 

This is a recreation of the illustration I added to this entry.
Oh.  My.  Please keep in mind that I was 12.  Ugh.  Yes, I am withholding the name and initials of the crust in question.  Mostly to protect him from mortification.  Fair warning:  future entries are going to be much more name heavy.  Perhaps I should devise code names?  We'll see.  Actually, in junior high my friends and I assigned numbers to our crushes so that we could talk about them in code and scribble said numbers all over our belongings.

One last interesting note - I mentioned that I was wearing leggings.  I believe these are back in style for some people.  Does this mean an imminent return of suede purple culottes worn over tights?  One can only dream...

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