Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Out of Dodge

There are some creative people out there in the world.  Especially on the Internet.  I have mentioned it before, but I find the Etsy marketplace to be quite alluring.  To date, I have only purchased one item on Etsy, but one of these days I am going to break down and do it again.  Maybe when I have something to celebrate.  Like a new job.

So this weekend I am going on a road trip.  Before you get too excited, know that I am not going across the country in a tricked out RV to an outdoor music festival.  I am gassing up the Corolla and crossing one state line to visit my brother and his gal out in Mad-town, aka Madison, Wisconsin. 

Madison is a fun place, just for the record.  I went out there just about a year ago with my parents and we were introduced to several of the local hangouts.  This time around, I am flying solo.  Lena is staying with my folks, which was a much more difficult decision than you might imagine.

You see, in the year that Lena has lived with me, we have only spent four nights apart.  Two were while I was in Fargo, ND at the Hallinglag.  The other two were when I was up north at Bluefin Bay last October. 

My final decision for this particular instance was a bit more time consuming.  You see, in the previous situations, there was no possible way that she could accompany me.  I was staying hotels that did not allow dogs which made the choice easy.  This time around, I am staying in a house where pets are definitely allowed.

In the end, I had to examine the pros and cons.  Yes, I love my dog and as crazy/kooky as it makes me sound, I do not like to be away from her any more than is necessary.  But a 4.5 hour car trip is a long ride for a dog.  Upon arrival in Madison, she would have to join a household that already consists of a dog and a slightly psychotic cat.  She would need to be kenneled during our outings and would still need to be leashed for all outdoor bathroom activities as their yard is not fenced.

So... in Lena's best interest, I opted to leave her with my parents.  Not only is she very familiar with their household rituals but they also have a fenced yard for free range antics.  She knows my parents and their dogs.  I am not even entirely certain that she will notice I am gone. 

Immediate vacation plans aside, I have some interesting news to consider.  Well, not really news.  Just an possible scenario. 

In my daily perusal of the local jobsites, I found a new posting for a librarian in my home town.  It falls under the category of jobs that I am technically qualified to perform.  So I applied.  For better or worse, review of applications will not begin for almost another month, so I will have to wait a while before I know if I am proceeding to the next round. 

But in true Megan fashion, I started to posit scenarios.  One of the biggest advantages of moving to a town such as this is that I already have a built in base of familiar people.  Heck, I even have a list of potential living situations that would be affordable if I needed to find them.  It is only a two hour drive back to Minneapolis, and a 20-25 minute drive to the farm.

My point is, in terms of moving, it would be one of the easiest transitions imaginable. 

So what is the downside?

Well... it is mostly mental.  I have not lived in the area for more than a decade.  My parents no longer live in the community.  From a demographic perspective, it is an average sized MN town.  I would estimate the population to be about 15,000.  For raising a family, it is a great place to be (in my opinion).  For a single girl, it is a bit of a risk.

True, one of my best friends moved home four years ago as a single girl and met her now husband within the same year.  But when she first announced her intention to move home, we all wondered at her decision.  Now I am starting to understand it a bit better.  There are so many things about life in a metropolitan area that have caused me to grow weary.  Driving in commuter traffic is one of those things.  Instant gratification is another.

To be clear, I definitely enjoy ready access to certain goods and services.  Can I live without instant access?  Yes.  Might it improve my sanity?  Perhaps. 

In the end, all of the speculation needs to find its limit.  I imagine that within a few days, my excitement will abate and I will draw back to patiently await the deadline and the news that comes with it.  It all could be for nothing as I may not even make it past initial review.  But here's hoping.

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