Friday, February 10, 2012

The Week End

When did I last post to the blog?  It feels like it could be a week, but I have lost track of time.

It has been one of those weeks.  Know what I mean?

Monday was a blur; there was a inordinately detailed and thought-overtaking project at work which left me feeling as though I had spent the day enclosed in a cave.  Tuesday was normal enough.  Wednesday I completed a round-trip visit to Madison, WI to take an exam in connection with a job position.  You try spending nine hours of your day driving across WISCONSIN and see how you feel at the end of it.  Thursday was "normal" as well, but I was still recovering from Wednesday. 

This brings us to Friday.  Blessed Friday.  The day I must survive to reach my weekend.  True, the day has an alarming tendency to drag, but when it is all done, I have a fun dinner at a tiny French restaurant to attend. 

Next week is Valentine's Day.  I could wax poetic or I could become cynical with my true feelings about the holiday, but honestly, it has become a bit of a non-interest to me.  Not to make myself sound pathetic, but I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day once in my entire life, so perhaps I just don't know what I am missing.  I can honestly say that I enjoy the candy part of the celebration... is that OK?

I am just now thinking about Valentine's Day in years past.  I remember as a teenager feeling sad and a little deprived not to have a boyfriend when February 14 rolled around every year.  I was always able to rally my spirits by telling myself that someday (and hopefully someday SOON) things would be different.  It is likely that I saw myself married by age 25 thus rendering this dilemma moot. 

Funny how things do not go as expected.  Here I am at age 31, changing careers, balancing my own checkbook and Valentine-less.  So now you're wondering:  does this make me sad? 



Yes, there are moments when I feel the lack of romantic companionship more severely.  Like when I have dishes to wash, floors to vacuum or bathrooms to clean.  Or when I have long distances to drive.  Or meals to prepare.  Or when I need a competitor for Just Dance. 

But I am finally getting over the feelings of self-pity.  I wonder, are those feelings natural or do we learn them from the influences that are around us as we develop?  If there were not so many movies, books, TV shows, commercials, billboards and advertisements depicting "real" romance, would we notice it was missing? 

Just a question for the universe.  It's always nice to have someone be nice to you and think that you are cool.  Maybe that is a better goal to have. 

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