Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh yeah, pretty good

Welcome to Friday, everyone.  My happiness at finally reaching this day of the week is great indeed.  On the surface, it would appear that my week was actually not that exciting, but if you peek a little deeper into the details, you will find that there were lots of little surprises lurking in the shadows.

First of all, yesterday I received an email from one the potential employers to whom I have sent application materials.  This particular employer has a unique additional step in the application process in that the first round of applicants to pass through initial screening are invited to take a written exam.  Apparently, this is standard procedure for job screening for this employer, but I really have no idea what will be on the actual test.

As I am not accustomed to good news on the employment front, I was excited to receive notice that I was invited to take the exam.  Sadly, I have become accustomed to being rejected.  Any little movement in a positive direction is helpful. 

So I followed directions and signed up for a test time.  Yes, this test is out of state and it will require me to take a day off of work to travel and take the exam.  But I quickly worked it out and sent out messages to family members affected by the travel and necessary Lena-sitting. 

Later in the day, things took a strange turn.  I received an email from the same source indicating that after screening the more than 300 applications for this position, I was not selected to move forward.  Obviously I was confused by this message.  My heart dropped into my stomach as I faced the potential truth that my excitement and planning were for nothing.

Just to be clear, I sent a reply to the HR representative asking for final clarification as I did not wish to drive that far to be told that I was ineligible to take the test.

No sooner had I sent the email and a follow-up to my family when I received another message from the HR department indicating that there had been an error and if I had received an exam invitation in the morning to disregard the rejection letter from the afternoon. 

In the end, it looks like I am still in the running, which is good.  But it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to reach that conclusion.

On a different note, I may have injured myself. 

May have?  Yes.  Let me explain.

Not that you care, but the front door of my house requires a little extra push to make it seal when it is closed.  I do this every day without incident. 

Last night, after taking Lena out for a potty break, for some odd reason, I elected to give this push to the door in a different way.  Normally I push with my hand and put some weight into the movement.  This typically works quite well.  For whatever reason, last night I bent my right arm into my body and threw my entire weight force against the door with my arm pinned close. 

The result was that not only did the door seal but I also heard a sickening pop and crunch from my elbow.  It pinched, but I assumed that it would go away after a little while as I still had full movement and no obvious injury.

My next decision was perhaps poorly chosen, but I will share it anyway for the sake of full disclosure.  I decided to play a round of Just Dance on the Wii.  For those Luddites who may not be familiar with the function of a Nintendo Wii, it is a motion sensor based video game system.  For the Just Dance game series, the player holds the cordless Wii remote in their right hand while following the dance instructions on the TV screen. 

I imagine it is quite entertaining to be a spectator to this game, but it is entertaining to be a participant as well.  Unfortunately, as the remote is used in one's right hand, I experienced some complications.  After a few active songs, my elbow began to throb.  For some unknown reason, I continued to play.  I suppose I reasoned that I was loosening up the joint and thus helping rather than hindering the healing process.

After sleeping and resting the injury overnight, I am disappointed to report that it is still a bit sore and pinches when I move in certain directions.  But I am certain there is no break, so I am not heading into the ER to have the doctors tell me that it may just be a sprain and there is nothing I can do but rest the joint. 

So this weekend, that is exactly what I intend to do.  That and continue my quest to rid my house of unnecessary junk.  And maybe bake a cake.  It's what I do.

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