Monday, July 23, 2012


I hate to say this because I think it sounds dumb, but listing one's house for sale feels a lot like posting an ad for online dating.  You put everything together in what you hope is an appealing package.  Then you close your eyes and wish really hard that someone out there sees it and says, "A-HA!  This is the one for me!"

Hopefully my house's personal ad is more fruitful than any of the dating ads I have made over the year.  That is not to say that I have never had any success in generating interest; however, this time I really need someone who is ready for commitment.  I mean business with this one, you guys.

In other news, it has been a hot and humid summer.  No surprise there, I guess, but when you live in a part of the world where you endure endless months of winter on the promise that you will get to enjoy the relatively pleasant and mild summers we are rumored to have, it is a bit hard to take.  I had visions of outdoor activities and taking my dog for long walks.  Sadly, in this kind of weather, even my dog cannot bear to be out for long.

So how is my new job going?  Good.  It is such a total differentiation from the pace, atmosphere and intellectual demands of my last position that it is almost like I am living in a dream most days.  Thankfully I am starting to get into the routine and have discovered that my team is pretty cool.  In a company this size there is no way that I will ever have the level of intimacy I experienced at my old place, but sometimes anonymity can be fun.

This brings me to my one and only complaint so far. 

I have moved from a front end production-oriented arena to a cubicle farm.  Not that I mind the peace and quiet.  At least I wouldn't mind it if it were not for The Swisher. 

On a floor full of cubicles, one finds oneself amidst a wide variety of different work teams.  Yes, we all work for the same company, but in very different capacities.  For instance, immediately across the aisle from me is a man who appears to work on some very high-level technical information.  In general, he is a quiet man, which I appreciate.

To his credit, he also appears to be very interested in staying properly hydrated.  If only he could do this in a less conspicuous manner.  Every time he takes a drink of water from his bottle, he feels compelled to swish.  Repeatedly.  As if he were at the dentist's office.  Which he is not. 

Did I mention he does this EVERY TIME HE TAKES A DRINK?????  If he only did it once or twice a day, I could handle it.  But when he is at his desk, it happens literally every five minutes.  My only breaks are when he is away or when someone in the area is actually speaking or making some kind of noise to drown it out.

I know.  It sounds ridiculous.  A more creative person could perhaps pretend it was the sound of waves crashing or the wind.  But I am no such person. 

Will I say anything about it?  No.  But I secretly keep hoping to find out that he and his team are only on contract and will be heading out on their merry way.  Maybe tomorrow? 

Other than that, life is pretty much OK.  Obviously, nothing is quite settled with my house as it has only been on the market two days and the photographs just went on today.  Until that whole ordeal is done and over with I cannot really start to plan my future.  The idea of being untethered is glorious, but I am not there yet. 

So in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my sheltered shaded ramp parking and the quasi-peacefulness of my cube.  And I will be happy. 

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