Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh boy!

Lena is watching me write this, so I had better make an effort to make it worth her while.

Thankfully, it appears that the "sleeper" mechanism on my A/C has run its course of torture and temperatures inside are returning to a tolerable and hopefully sleepable level.  If you know me at all you are aware that heat and most of all humidity are not my friends.  As I always say, I live in Minnesota for crying out loud.  One of the coldest states in the Union.  Wherefore all this miserable humid-ness?  It's enough to melt your face off.

In other news... some small creature keeps leaving tiny poops on my patio in the night.  I have yet to figure out what said creature may be, but the droppings are bigger than those coming from mice but smaller than those coming from my 15 pound dog.  Also, there seem to be a lot of dead spiders on my patio as well.  Perhaps they have simply expired in the heat, but I suspect foul play.  Perhaps of the amphibian variety.  Which brings me to a question:  how big are frog poops?

While I am discussing animals, I feel I should share my most recent bout of expensive pet treatment.  For not the first time, Lena has been having some digestive issues of late.  Ever the avoider, I brushed it off as just a glitch at first as I did not want to show up at the vet clinic freaking out like some sort of hysterical mother.  But after a few weeks of irregular eating patterns and one glorious night of multiple vomiting episodes at my parents house which I discovered at 2:45 a.m., I had to take action.

$350 later, I was armed with medication, special food and a powder to put on said food that acts as sort of an Activia yogurt for dogs.  Except that it tastes so foul that the end result is my dog not wanting to eat her food.

Just over one week later, I am happy to say that Lena is eating normally and her digestive system seems to be on track.  $350 later.

To tie up some loose ends, I would like to share that my library internship ended just over a week ago.  It was done unexpectedly early, but that was due to the fact that my projects were completed earlier than planned and I was so near the end of my hours as to make starting a new project impractical.  While it really was fun pretending to be a big important downtown worker once a week and listening to my MP3's on the train while trying to pretend NOT to check out any good looking guys on the train, I am thankful to be done.

So the last time I wrote, I believe I was in the throes of transition.  The company which employed me for 10+ years was taken over and I was feeling the stress/pain/annoyance/consternation that often accompanies such a transaction.  My initial response was flight, but thankfully reason won the day and reminded me that one should never leave one job without the offer of another.

In an early fit of anxiety, I went online and found a position in another company that sounded much more promising than anything my new employer would ever be able to offer.  On a whim, I applied.  Just once.  To one job.  With my library job application track record, I hardly expected anything to come of it but an eventual rejection email.

Much to my surprise, a few weeks later I received a phone call from the company to set up a time for a phone interview.  The phone interview went well and I was asked in for a real interview.  The interview went well and I was offered a job.  Not a library job, mind you, but a job closer to my actual work experiences of the past 10 years.  But better.

So starting on Monday, I will be working for a new employer.  Not a library, but I am still excited.  The pay is probably better than anything I would make at a library anyway, and the location is such that I can now really start to think about trying to sell my house.

The only tricky part is deciding what to do now about the whole library thing.  I mean, I did go to graduate school for 2+ years and spend a lot of money on this whole Master's degree thing.  Shouldn't I be working in a job that utilizes some part of that education?

I have struggled with this question, but in the end it all comes down to dealing with reality.  Yes, I am educated to work in a specific profession.  But that does not mean that the skills I learned in my graduate program cannot come in handy in any other seemingly non-related job.  I need to make money to pay back the student debt I incurred for school.  My new job and the possible opportunities that can come from working in a company such as the one I am joining are much greater from a financial perspective than anything in the library world.

So I will just have to make peace with my decision, and I think I am pretty close.

I am sure you will all be happy to get a break from my whining and complaining about the suckiness of life aside from my trouble dealing with temperatures over 100 and dewpoints over 80%.  Gross.  January is looking pretty awesome right about now...

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