Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tame and sane happenings

Every time I start to write in recent days, I stop myself short.  You might assume I have caught a case of writer's block, but you would be wrong.  To put it simply, I find compelled to share things that are actually interesting.  Things like... listing my house, starting a new job and so forth.  Not things like how my dog doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning or how my allergies are taking over my life.

But then, if truly wild and crazy things are not happening, how can I write about them?

Last weekend, my brother came home to attend an outdoor concert at the legendary Cabooze bar stage in Minneapolis.  The band was Beirut.  If you've never heard of them, do not worry.  They are not terribly mainstream, but my father loves them.  However, other than my father, most of their fan base consists of heavily tattoo-ed hispter-esque 20-somethings.  Or younger than 20-somethings.

Hence, my immediate family was asked to come out to support my father to make sure he was safe and did not come home with any weird tattoos or piercings.  It was an OK evening, in truth.  My mom and I spent most of it seated at the beer garden/patio located directly to the south of the stage.  From this point we were able to hear the performance, sit comfortably, converse normally and drink copiously. 

It was an interesting conclusion to the historic day on which I listed my house for sale.

I now find myself one week later, facing a much more relaxed agenda for the day.  My father is still out on the farm, my brother is back in Madison and my mother is up in Ely celebrating the girls' weekend that I am obviously missing because I am not eligible to take any time off at my new job as I am in the 90-day starting period.  Call me immature, but I have placed an embargo on communication from the northland as I do not need to be reminded of what I am missing.

So yes, I am here with the three dogs.  My big plans for the day?  Driving back up to my house to fetch the mail and do some cleaning.  By way of an update, I had three showings in the first week.  I don't know if that is high, low or average, but it is better than nothing. 

The wonder of the Internet has now made it possible to receive comments and feedback online.  While I know it shouldn't, it makes me a bit nervous to get feedback on my house.  I both welcome and fear the criticism as it can serve to give me advice on how to improve my property but it can also be a judgement on how I decorate/clean/organize.

So far, I have only received comments for two of the showings and neither had anything exactly negative to say about the property itself.  One buyer decided they would rather have a unit with a fireplace and the other does not want to do a short sale.  Neither reason represents anything over which I have any power at this point.  Although it does slightly perplex me why people with these two major criteria would even bother to tour my home when it is pretty clear from the listing online that I do not have a fireplace and that it is a short sale.

But whatever.  I can wait. 

So unless some wacky hijinks happen today on my journey up to the house for cleaning, I would not expect to see anything too hilarious up in here.  But do not let that stop you from having a fabulous weekend and enjoying this (finally) good weather!

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