Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If I was ever tempted to punch a computer software company representative, now would be the time. 

APPARENTLY, Internet Explorer no longer is supported by Blogger, the program through which I write this blog.  But wait, if you are having problems, try Google Chrome.  Why?  Because Google owns Blogger and wants you to use its stupid browser instead. 

Not that I am an ardent supporter of Microsoft, but seriously.  Come ON.  I see no need to download and then learn how to use a completely new web browser when the one I am presently using works just fine.  Yes, I do also know how to use Safari and Firefox, but I have NEVER found myself in a situation that has led me to use Google Chrome. 

Am I having problems in my Blogger interface?  You betcha.  Do I think that it is reasonable for Google to offer such a stupid solution or to deliberately redesign their interface so that it intentionally does not work well with others?  No way. 

What am I going to do about it?  After I test out other browsers to see if the same problems persist, I may have to contemplate migrating my blog to another host which really bums me out.  For now, I will just hope that the "Publish" button still works and that I can share my frustration with the world.  More later.

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