Monday, March 12, 2012

Calm down, Ma'am!

Holy schlamoley!  My pageviews have been on the rise as of late, but seriously thank you for reading my blog!  Hopefully I can manage to keep you entertained.

Today I am feeling... impatient.  Maybe it is due to the loss of an hour in my day yesterday or maybe it is because I am still a bit buzzy after my $2 drink special from Caribou this morning, but WHOA!  Someone needs to STOP checking her phone and email messages every five minutes or things will get crazy!

To explain myself a bit more, two jobs that I am VERY interested in closed on Friday.  This means that the employers are done accepting applications and will now start their review process.  If you are one of the lucky ones to move on to the interview round you should hear from them pretty quickly.  At least according to their postings. 

It is a bit difficult to gauge how soon is "pretty quickly" but in my estimation it should be this week.  Perhaps expecting something first thing Monday morning is a bit silly, but things in other areas of my life are starting to move and I would like to have an idea of my options (or lack of options as it may be) as soon as possible.

In other news, I heard on the radio that we are supposed to see 70 degrees by the end of the week!  This is INSANE.  How clearly do I remember last year at this time experiencing the winter that would not quit.  Seriously, March 2011 was a very disheartening month for many Minnesotans as we continued to get new snowfall with no sign of spring.

This year, by comparison, has been mild to the extreme.  Not to sound strange, but I sort of measure my winter extremity by the number of times that my snow removal service is called into action, no matter how late they arrive in the day.  This year, I estimate that they have had to work in my neighborhood a grand total of three times.  That's right, THREE.  Last year, they had to come out at least a dozen times or more.  For reals, yo.

There are some who would now lament how this type of winter wreaks havoc on the snow economy of Minnesota, but I am cool with it.  So is Lena, although I suspect that she would not have minded more extreme snow banks to climb if given the opportunity.  As it is now, our yard is a giant soggy sponge which cannot be pleasant to navigate for bathroom duties.  However, I did make an effort to clean up the poops yesterday, so she cannot complain too much.  As a dog, she really doesn't do too much complaining anyways, which is just one of the many ways that she outshines people. 

While we are on the subject of Lena, she seems to have overcome her forlorn attitude of yesterday that came upon her after watching her canine friends depart.  She is not used to being the one worth leaving (to semi-quote one of my favorite songs), but her resilient nature keeps her from getting too depressed.  Maybe someday we will have the means to bring a permanent buddy into our household, but not at this time.  As much as my parents love Lena, I am not sure they are ready to embrace another occasional canine visitor.

With that thought, I shall conclude.  I hope that everyone's spring cleaning is going as well as mine and that all you Minnesotans are ready for the upcoming heat wave.  Break out the shorts and flip flops!  Get ready for the Day-Glo skin colors!  Summer is almost here, baby!

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