Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blingy, classy, with a little trashy on the side. And I like feathers.

What words would you use to describe yourself?  Would you like to borrow the one from the title to this blog entry?  Go ahead.  It isn't mine.

How would I describe myself?  First of all, I hate questions like this.  It is the rebellious part of me that believes that I am so complex that I simply defy simple description.  At least with words.  Maybe interpretive dance would work, but no one has ever offered to try.  Go figure.

At this moment in time, my brain is not functioning normally.  I could blame the fact that we are coming off of a full moon and this does strange things to people.  Or it could be that I am pre-menstrual.  Or that I have a group presentation tomorrow night and I am not quite sure how it will turn out.  OR the fact that tomorrow I am taking an uncharacteristically unnatural proactive move and attending a CAREER FAIR.

To be clear, the only fair I have attended with any regularity is the State Fair.  I believe I did attend a college fair once in high school, but as I had already selected my top choices, it was really more to lend support to friends.

But tomorrow, the university wherein I attend graduate school is hosting a career fair.  They have been most helpful in providing advice:  plan out your outfit the night ahead of time, have someone else proofread your resume, practice the interview with our cool simulation.

True, I do know what I am wearing, but as I have worked in the semi-professional world for nearly a decade I should think that I would have acquired at least one decent work outfit for the occasion.  The resume part has given me a bit more stress.  You see, last spring I wrote up a resume that I have used in various customized forms for all the jobs I have sought up to now.

The results of this resume speak for themselves:  nothing.  Several "thank you" letters, but obviously the information contained in the carefully selected lines did not impress the judges.  My theory as to why this has happened lies in the fact that it is very difficult to list one's full adult work experience when one has worked in varying capacities for the same company for nearly ten years.

There are many who would comfort me with the fact that many employers like to see that kind of staying power.  Truthfully, it is not as though I have worked in the same position for my entire tenure; in fact, I have been a member of nearly every department.  I have assisted top management with major projects in my time.  I do a good job. 

But on paper, this is hard to convey. 

To remedy this, I have reviewed several other example resume formats and determined that I may be better suited to highlight my education, skills and other dazzling features while effectively and concisely summarizing my work experience into a smaller space.

Of course, what am I up against tomorrow?  Undergraduates, mostly.  Most of these girls will not have much of anything (aside from school, extracurricular activities and possibly internships) to show.  I know that I should not be intimidated, but there are some pretty interesting companies attending and I would like to think that it could be a very valuable experience.  At the very least, it should be good practice as I have not made it to the interview stage in any other venue thus far.

So wish me luck.  If all else fails, I will keep checking on the job postings for Grand Marais and contemplate my potential at a life "off the grid."

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