Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is up

Third time is the charm, right?  I have been trying to put together an entry after several days off, but I just can't seem to get it going.  And if you're wondering where I have been for the past few days, don't get excited.  Nothing fabulous happened, I just haven't had creative inspiration.

Speaking of creative inspiration, I need to muster up a bit more in the next few days because I need to write up a mock grant proposal due on Saturday.  Lest you worry too much, note that I said mock.  As in, not for real.  It IS going to be graded so I would (of course) like to do well; therefore, careful preparation is needed.  However, it does not require much by the way of outside research; I must simply carefully read and address the required elements of the grant outline.  No problem, right?

Let's see, what else, what else?  Ummm... this week marks the midway point of the semester!  This means that I am a mere two months away from complete and total completeness:  graduation.  My last day of class is technically on the 15th of December, which means that class-wise, I am less than two months away.  But graduation is on the 20th, so not quite.

In other news, an interesting piece of information has come to my attention.  It seems that my collegiate alma mater is looking for a new reference and instruction librarian.  The posting is a little old, but it is listed as "open until filled," so I figure they would have taken it off their website if they were not still looking.

So, I may just apply.   But here's the thing.  My alma mater is located out of state.  True, it is still in the Midwest, but not in a neighboring state.  My driving time estimate would put it in the 8 hour range.  BUT.  It is a beautiful campus.  It is in a lovely and charming town.  And it is in relatively close proximity to Chicago.  Oh, and I still have friends and acquaintances who live in the area. 

Not that I am counting on anything, mind you.  They do want someone with a completed degree, which I technically do not have... yet.  But... it would not be the worst situation in the world.  If I had to relocate out of state, it would be nice to go to a familiar place.  I could even pretend to relive my college days.  On the other hand, it could be a little depressing to be there without all my old gang around.  I would have to make an attempt to recruit them back to the area.  Hm...

Other than this, the only other new thing to report is that I have changed up Lena's daytime television programming.  I have had her on a steady schedule of "Rocky & Bullwinkle" DVDs, but these do not automatically loop when complete.  This means hours of her listening to the main menu sound effects.  My "Friends" DVDs, on the other hand, DO automatically loop.  So... she will be listening to the sounds of my early 20's.  Complete with a laugh track.

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