Sunday, October 23, 2011

To blonde or not to blonde

So the completion of my major tasks was not quite as epic as I imagined, but it is still nice to be done.  That paper/grant proposal?  Yeah, I knocked that thing out in about three hours.  It helps when one does the research ahead of time. 

Now things are (relatively) back to normal.  I have an obscene amount of reading to do by Thursday, but it's really not a big deal.  Oh, and I am getting my hairs cut and colored on Tuesday... a MUCH bigger deal.  Not that I will be doing anything different (one inch off the bottom and highlights on the top layers), but I always imagine that someday I will go for the gusto.  In other words, I may decide to finally work with rather than against the direction my hair seems to want to go.

As you may or may not know, I have always been considered a blonde.  As is the case for many natural blondes, age has altered the intensity of my blonde-ness, leaving me with what is commonly known as a "dishwater" color.  It's not quite brown, not quite blonde.  Just dull.  My hairstylist informs me that this is due to the fact that as we age, we tend to spend more time indoors.  This keeps us away from the rays of sunshine that did such a wonderful job bleaching our hair and darkening our skin as youngsters.

Underneath it all (or so she tells me), my hair still wants to be blonde.  This is based on the fact that when she puts in the color/bleach, I do not need to sit under a hair dryer or even wait all that long before my hair "comes up."  Lucky me, right?  If only this willingness of my hair to revert to its desired shade resulted in some sort of discount.  (It does not.) 

So every time I get my hair done, I take a moment to consider what would happen if I took the opposite direction and lowlighted my hair.  As in, become the unthinkable:  a brunette.  Perhaps not truly a brown-headed person, but become less blonde.  Would it work for me?  I am not sure.  My coloring is quite fair and well suited to lighter shades.  But then again, I always have found the brown hair with blue eyes combination to be rather striking. 

This inner conversation will continue for the next couple of days until I finally sit in my stylists chair and simply nod when she asks if I want "the usual."  She knows just like I know that my blonde days are not yet over. 

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