Friday, October 21, 2011

Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  This girl spent most of her time staying at her own humble house in the middle of nowhere and at the home of her parents, which was located in the middle of everything that was cool and happening.

Every time that the girl prepared to visit the home of her parents, she packed a suitcase.  Much thought went into the packing of this suitcase; special clothing was required for the time that the girl spent toiling to make a decent wage.  Due to lack of imagination and cooler temperatures, the girl's wardrobe mainly consisted of varied shirts paired with black or dark grey trousers. 

This meant that the greater portion of suitcase preparation went towards selection of shirts and blouses, not pants. 

One extra special evening, the girl packed her suitcase as usual, but upon lifting it noticed that it was markedly lighter than normal.

"Dear me!" exclaimed the girl, "My suitcase is light as a feather!  Oh well, it must only mean that I have become tremendously more efficient in my packing abilities."

Unperturbed, she secured her suitcase into the rear storage compartment of her car, escorted her fluffy young canine companion into the back seating area, and left her home in the middle of nowhere.

Twelve hours later, the girl was finishing her morning preparations.  As the final step of readiness, she opened her suitcase to select her clothing for the day.  After choosing the purple blouse with ruffles, she reached in to extract her trousers.  Mild inattention quickly turned to dismay when no pants were to be found.  She wildly threw aside all other items in the suitcase in hopes of unearthing the desired item, but luck was not with her that day.

In the midst of this chaos, the girl's kindly mother appeared in the doorway and inquired as to the source of such alarm.  When the girl related her dilemma, her mother offered the use of her pants.  Normally, the girl and her mother did not share the same size or style in clothing.  However, the mother had in her possession a pair of pants with an universal waist made of elastic magic. 

So this is how the girl spent the next two days wearing her mother's pants of elastic magic to work.

The End

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