Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning out my closets

So... it's been a while, has it not?  I wish that I had a great excuse for not writing, but quite simply, I have been enjoying my vacation.  Christmas was a bit hectic, but the past few days of sleeping in and spending the day putzing around my own house have been lovely.

True, my big plans to totally clean and organize my house have not gone as quickly as hoped, but I have my stack of boxes ready for Goodwill and am slowly but surely making progress towards cleaning out my closets.  As a student of archival practice, I have found that one of the best approaches is to be willing to make use of the discard pile.  Although, somehow I have found that despite the number of bags of discard I have removed from my closets, my guest bedroom still looks like an explosion site.

Tomorrow, I intend to deliver my Goodwill donations, just in time for year end charitable donation claims.  I will then continue to work my way through the mess.  It is always surprising to see what I deemed worth keeping ten years ago that I would never dream of holding on to now.

Thankfully, I am not completely out of time on the work front.  I am taking a break to attend a New Year's Eve party, but I intend to come home on New Year's Day and work through my extra day off on Monday.

If you are concerned that I am working through my vacation, do not worry.  I have been taking plenty of breaks to watch my new "Bones" DVD's and I am happy to report that Lena and I have been on several walks and are getting a great deal of quality time.

I doubt that I will write again before 2012, but I hope that everyone has a happy and safe New Year's!  See you next year!

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