Friday, December 2, 2011

In which I make a startling discovery

Just when I think I am starting to become moderately tech-savvy, something happens that makes me realize what a noob I am about most things. 

So last night I was in class and my partner and I were trying to figure out how we could create a shared folder to hold the photographs we need for our final project.  I had them all on a flash drive, but the only way to share that I could determine would be to email them. 

This is probably not the worst idea in the world, but it isn't the greatest, either.  Personally, I have a slight aversion to receiving picture by email.  Not because I don't like to see the pictures so much as I do not like the amount of room said digital items take up in my inbox.  When they fill it to the point that no other items can be received, I get angry.

You wouldn't like me when I am angry. 

In our befuddlement, we made our way to Google Docs.  My past experiences with this platform have not been great, so I was hesitant.  My partner went out and created a shared folder in the hopes that we could perhaps upload photographs.  Turns out, we could not.

BUT WAIT.  In my all-seeing wisdom, I noticed along the top of the menu bar a tab labeled "Photos."  Curious, I clicked on it.  It took me to a "Picasa" page.  As I had never delved this far into the rabbit-hole before, I was unprepared for what I found next.  I ALREADY HAD PICTURES IN ALBUMS ON THIS SITE.

Crazy, right?!?!  Well, buckle up pardnah.  Turns out, the long tentacles of Google work in mysterious ways.  Somehow, Googlezilla had managed to archive some of the pictures that I have uploaded for my blogs.  Not ALL of them, mind you, but a good amount of them. 

It turns out that this program was exactly what we needed for our picture sharing, but I still was quite shocked at the finding.  I then proceeded to make good use of it. 

Over time, I have somehow managed to accumulate pictures on my work computer.  I don't really know how, but I suspect that there was emailing involved.  Some are pictures that I do not really care about, such as company softball team action shots.  However, there were a few from company parties that I wanted to keep.  Rather than email them out to myself, I opted to test out this Picasa thing.  Score!

As a final note, it does appear that one can perhaps order prints of one's pictures through this site.  It has given me an interesting idea, but I will leave that secret alone... for now.

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