Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give me caffeine or give me...

So you made it through my bizarre entry concerning tiny camping trailers and miniature animal dolls?  Good for you!

Well, it is Sunday evening and I am on the verge of starting my final week of work for the year 2011.  Amazing!  This past weekend was not too wild, but that was OK.  I have been feeling a little off for the past several days, and I needed an opportunity to take a break.  So far, my biggest problem seems to be that I have not quite accepted that I am now done with homework.  Forever.

Without saying too much about what has been causing me some of my "off" feelings, I am afraid that I may have to temporarily go off of one of my daily addictions:  caffeine.  This may render me unpleasant, but maybe no one will notice a difference.

So keep an eye out for any violent outbursts from me and remember to run for cover if necessary.

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