Friday, August 5, 2011

Crappy coffee and its side effects

Today may be Friday, but it is shaping up quickly to be one of those days.  What do I mean by that?

Well, let me back up a bit. 

Last night, I returned to my parents' house for my weekly visit.  Nothing strange there, except that my mom is out of town visiting friends, so it was just me and my dad.  We took the dogs for a walk and chatted.  It was nice.

We stayed up, watched The Daily Show and went to bed. 

Here is where the story really makes a shift.  Are you ready? 

I finally got to sleep in "my" bedroom last night.  I use quotation marks in this case because I technically do not share a residence with my parents and therefore have no real right to lay claim to a specific room, but I do it anyway.  It comes from old habits of being the oldest child and only girl in my family.  The only time I have not been given the choicest room was when they moved to Wisconsin without me and did not feel compelled to award the largest space to an absent person.

Never mind. 

So, I believe I have mentioned that I spent most of June and July staying at my parents' house due to school and dog requirements, yes?  Good. 

I was not the only guest at my parents' house this summer.  My chief co-guests were my aunt and uncle who were home for summer break from Belgium.  I believe I have spent more time with them than I have in combined hours for the past decade, so I feel fortunate to have been around for that.

However, their presence meant that my sleeping quarters were relocated mostly to "Michael's" bedroom (as named by me) and on rare occasions to the basement couch or twin bed. 

Now that their visit is almost over, they have decided to spend most of their time relaxing up at their cabin in Wisconsin.  Understandably, I believe.  If I had a cabin up in the woods, I know where I would be right now as well.

So when I arrived last night Chez Parents, my father informed me that I would be able to reclaim my bedroom for the first time since June.  At first, I took this information with an air of nonchalance.  A bed is a bed, right?

Not so, as it turns out.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, I slept REALLY hard last night.  The only thing that woke me prior to my actual alarm was my over-eager dog leaping from the bed at the sound of her canine companions arising with my father. 

While I have never been a morning person, I felt that I was dragging through this entire morning.  My sloth-like movement paired with Thor's obsession with barking at trees made my departure time for work much later than intended, with the end result being that I did not have time to stop for a proper coffee drink.

When this happens, I am forced to drink copious amounts of the disgusting sludge provided by my employer just to stay viable.  There are sometimes unintended side effects, but I am usually able to restrain the visible signs of my crankiness.  Hopefully no one gets hurt.

This entry is pretty pointless, I admit.  I would probably not consider posting it, but it does serve to document the state of my brain which could be useful to future research.  Just be sure to cite me if you use it. 

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