Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The End

Are you ready for another imposed theme?  Where to begin.... the end?

Let's see.  When I graduate in December, my grad school experience will be at an end.  Is that OK?


Shall I ruminate on the word "end?"  Really, doesn't it look more like a word fragment than an entire word? 


How about we change it to "The Ent" and make it a LOTR thing?  Hark!  Is that Treebeard?


"The End" of summer? 

Been there, done that.

OK, then.

Once upon a time, there was a woman.  Some might still call her a "young" woman, but age is relative, so we'll keep it general. 

This woman had many friends and a nice family.  And a dog. 

One fine Saturday in the month of August, she attended the wedding of an old friend.  The event was lovely, but the mosquitoes were not.  Hence, the woman ended up with approximately 15 bright red itchy welts on her feet for the next week.

In consideration of everyone around her, she opted to forgo the wearing of skirts lest anyone see her wounds and assume she was a carrier of the Plague.

The End.

Well?  Not my greatest work, I will admit, but my feet are SO DARN ITCHY!!!!!! 

On a different note, can I do some product placement? 

As a single gal, I recognize that grocery selection is important.  If you wish to avoid the temptation of certain foods in your daily life, the solution is simple.  DO NOT BUY THEM. 

This has proven harder for certain things than others through the years.  One thing that I usually am good at avoiding is ice cream.  Bypassing the dairy treat aisle at the store is not hard to do.  There is usually nothing else in that area that I legitimately need.

Honestly, the only brand that usually throws me for a loop is Ben and Jerry's.  Their creations are unique and come in such beautiful containers.  Plus, they are small, which sometimes leads to last minute justifications on my part.

Then the Blue Bunny company upped the ante.  If there is one weakness for me in the sweets department, it is cake.  Almost any cake will do, except for perhaps coconut.  Or anything with raisins.  But otherwise, it is all fair game.

A few years ago, a new cake trend moved its way out of Southern tradition and into our cold Northern households:  Red Velvet Cake.  There is just something special about it.  The bright and startling shade of crimson.  The not-so-overpowering level of sweetness.  The hint of chocolate.  Combine it with cream cheese or buttercream frosting and it's all over.  I'm done for.

Well, the Blue Bunny company hopped right up onto this bandwagon and combined forces with Duff Goldman (of Food Network cake-making fame) to make Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.  They have been advertising this stuff for months, but I remained steadfast.  Until this week.

To use a semi-current popular slang term, OMG.  This is amazing stuff.  So amazing that I would honestly consider cutting out all other foods and meals to eat this once a day.  OK, so I haven't exactly eliminated all other foods, and I do consume it in moderation.  But it is difficult to restrain myself.  This stuff makes me so happy, I wish that I could just kiss Chef Duff on his shiny bald little head.  And then hug the Blue Bunny.

Now that my ice cream truck is up and running, I may just have to sample the new and supposedly amazing Sweet Corn ice cream at the State Fair this weekend and do a side by side comparison.  Of course, I still need my chocolate shake in the Dairy Building.  Hm.  This could be a high dairy count weekend for me.  Better get myself in shape.

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