Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pondering the past

Today is the first day of the Minnesota State Fair.  I have written about this before, I think, so I will spare you the details.  While I would love to be there for opening day, I sadly must heed the call of duty and be at work.  Again, I would love to partake in the festivities this weekend, but I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.

Lucky for me, my brother and his girlfriend are coming home next weekend specifically to go to the Fair, so I know that I will get there eventually.  Hopefully they will save a Pronto Pup for me!

Last night I spent some time on Facebook.  Due to some changes in my internet connectivity at home, I have not been as much of a FB stalker as I used to be, but I think that it alright.  I have noticed that some people reach a point of burn-out with the site and opt to simply inactivate their profiles rather than just cut back.  I suppose this demonstrates a lack of discipline, but I am always surprised.  It is never the people you wish would try it; it always seems to be the people you don't see on FB that often anyway.

Oh well, I have no intention of quitting any time soon, and I think that I have managed to get to the point where I can just check in occasionally on random friends and find out who is engaged, pregnant, divorced or taking a vacation.

In the course of my perusal, I happened across a picture of me with three of my friends that was taken approximately three years ago.  We were gathered for my friend Emily's bachelorette party in her sister's apartment.  Everyone is smiling and holding martini glasses with the yummy grapefruit cosmo that her sister served us way to many of over the course of the evening. 

Anyway, the drinks are not the point.  When I looked at the photo, I realized that the ratio of married to single in that photo is now inverted.  At that moment in history, Jill was the only married girl of the four.  Emily was shortly to be married (as it was her bachelorette party), but technically she was still unmarried.  Rox, the third friend, was definitely still single, although she had just started dating Bill, her future husband, about two months prior.

Now here we are three years later.  Jill is still married.  Em is married with a two year old daughter.  Rox is married and she and her hubby are building their dream home.  As for me?  Well... I got a dog, didn't I? 

Don't worry, this is not a pity party.  I am not here to lament the fact that I appear to be the cheese left standing alone at the end of the Farmer in the Dell.  Although that is a good analogy, right?  I haven't played that game for a loooong time.  Maybe we will play it at Saturday's wedding dance?  I can always request it.

I really do love that my friends are all married.  They are all still my friends; they just have an added support person in their lives.  True, on occasion I do wish that I had such support (especially in driving situations), but I have done alright so far and I can continue to take care of myself if that is what I need to do.

My point is that things can change quickly.  One minute you and your friends are all single, sitting around and sharing your dating horror stories, and the next minute you are discussing gift registries, house plans and family planning.

In my social life, the most obvious change is that I get out far less often.  At first, this bothered me quite a bit.  Now that I have adjusted (mostly by adding graduate school into my schedule), I don't notice it as much.  This may change once I graduate, but maybe I will take up a new hobby.  Embroidery?  Cooking?  Dog fashion designer?  The possibilities are endless.

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