Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday is Fun-day!

Don't get too excited.  I did not actually post twice in one day.  The post I put up earlier today was actually written earlier, I just didn't get around to publishing until this morning.

I just got back from an exciting Sunday outing that has been affectionately dubbed, "Sunday Funday."

First, let me say that my Saturday was also quite fun.  I attended the wedding of an old friend.  Katie and I have known each other since grade school, and we suffered through the indignity of being orchestra geeks together for three years.  We referred to each other as "Cello Buddies."  Fortunately, our cool factors were great enough to lead us out of this temptation and into better social circles.  We ended up together in church activities and even chemistry lab partners in high school.

We did lose touch after high school (I blame this on the fact that Facebook did not yet exist at the time), but reconnected at a random U of MN Gopher hockey game several years ago.  If you need to know anything about Katie, know this:  her voice carries.  Big time.  So when you hear your name being shouted by said voice across the entrance of Mariucci Arena, it isn't hard to guess who is doing the shouting.

After this chance connection, we made sure to get in touch and managed to get together with each other (and Jill) every six months or so for the past... five years? 

Katie is awesome.  I know, I know, all my friends are awesome.  But they are all awesome in different ways.  Katie is fun.  Really really fun.  She has an awesome job, a great family and people just love to be around her.

So when she mentioned at one of our dinner outings that she was seeing someone new, we were excited.  Six months later, she brought Dan to my 30th birthday party.  We were all impressed; he was clearly a good guy.  When they became serious travel buddies, we knew that this was probably "the one."

Yesterday, they got married.  It was (of course) a lot of fun.  It was like a mini high school reunion, in fact.  Except that we are all older and much better looking.  Right?

I hesitate to say that there was a downside to the reception, because the fact that it was semi-outdoors was really very nice.  Until the sun went down and the mosquitoes took over.  As long as we were in motion on the dance floor, it seemed to be OK.  But as soon as we took a break, OMG. 

Even though it was hot, I was forced to keep my cardigan on to protect my shoulders after three nasty bumps appeared.  My feet were not so lucky.  I would love to be soaking them right now in a nice ice bath, but that hasn't materialized just yet.

But this brings us to today.  My friend Briana introduced us to Sunday Funday a few months ago after a particularly lovely brunch.  It so happens that the local VFW has BINGO every Sunday at 2 p.m.  The drinks are cheap and the BINGO cards are even cheaper. 

So when we received the text that Sunday Funday was happening again today, we were all ready.  While there were two big winners in our rather large group, I was not among them.  Additionally, as the day wore on, the temperature of the room rose by about 100 degrees, so we were all sweating pretty hard by the time we called it quits.  One of these days we will make it to the final blackout round, but probably not until the winter chill brings us a little relief.

So for all you people who thought that I was maybe turning into a bit of an old fuddy-duddy, I offer up this weekend as an example of why I am still able to party with the best of them.  If the best of them are all over 30 and like to play BINGO and dance to Warren G's "Regulate."

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