Friday, January 14, 2011

Back Home on the Farmstead

Who ever said that my winter break from school would be boring and relaxing?  Nobody?  Anybody?  That's right, it isn't.

Of course, my first weekend off was my annual Jameson tasting party where my best friend announced that she was pregnant.  Hardly a boring event. 

The next weekend was Christmas at the cabin.  Travel with neurotic dogs, cross-country skiing and delicious bison tenderloin.

After that, it was New Year's Eve and late family Christmas. 

Last weekend, it was the doggy extravaganza.

That brings us to this weekend.  A blessed three-day weekend for me as I reap the benefits of federal holidays at my job.  Visions of non-showering and sleeping in filled my mind for a brief moment, but alas it is not to be. 

Tomorrow I shall arise at some ungodly hour (for a Saturday) to accompany my father to the farm where we shall traipse through the dilapidated barn in sub-zero temperatures in search of reclaimable barn wood to be used in the construction of cabinets or other house renovation projects.  I have been instructed to bring my long underwear. 

Of course, I do have another incentive for going and that is the fact that I would like to see my grandfather.  As we did not partake in our usual family Christmas gatherings this year, my grandfather did not get to see his entire family in one place.  In fact, I have not seen him since Thanksgiving weekend. 

So, in order to honor my elders and get some more good one-liners, I am going to give up one day of blessed morning sleep to spend some quality time with the Mayor of Northfork.  Of course, I will also be with my father, and you could probably call that quality time as well. 

Who knows, perhaps this weekend will generate some good fodder for a future entry.  Otherwise, please pray that I do not succumb to frostbite or become trapped under any falling lumber this weekend.  Thank you very much. 

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