Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowing and Stitching

Big surprise, it is snowing right now.  Snow in a Minnesota January is nothing new, but it always translates into a pain the butt for driving.  When I was a kid, I loved the snow.  It symbolized hours of potential outdoor fun and even school closure if I was lucky. 

By the way, is it just me or does it seem like school closings are happened a LOT more often than they did when I was a kid?  Honestly, I would PRAY for school to close or at the very least for a 2 hour late start so I could sleep in.  I feel like we hardly ever had that happen.  Lately it has felt like there are schools closing early or all day at least once a week.  I guess this just means that the school year will have to be extended.  Boo hoo.

Now that I am adult and have a full time job that NEVER closes for bad weather, my feelings towards snow on the roads has completely reversed.  I am always quite cautious in bad weather, but it can still be a white-knuckle experience driving past cars in the ditch only to arrive home and find that my plow service hasn't been around to clear my driveway.  Lest you think that I sound hoity-toity with my "plow service" reference, remember that I live in a townhome community mostly for the fact that my outdoor maintenance is minimal.

This reminds me, I need to make sure to shovel out around my power meters tonight.  The meter readers always complain that they get covered in winter, but I can't help the fact that my plow service AND the lovely people who come around and shovel the pathway to my front door like to pile up the four foot high drifts of snow EXACTLY on top of my meters.  Oh well, it gives me an excuse to use my shovel.

It's also about to get all crafty up in here.  I located my ancient birth announcement cross-stitch and I am going to attempt to recreate one for the upcoming birth of my best friend's child.  If you're wondering why I would go to the trouble, let me explain.  My best friend happens to be the daughter of my mother's best friend.  Our mothers met in 6th grade. 

My best friend and I are about five months apart in age (I'm older).  When I was born, my aunt made a lovely cross-stitch birth announcement for me.  My mom liked it so much that she made the same announcement for my friend.  Essentially, she and I have matching cross-stitched birth announcements.

In my effort to follow a little bit of tradition, I decided that I was going to make one for the new baby.  The great thing about it is that it is gender neutral and can be largely completed before the baby arrives so I would only have to update the name, birth date and height/weight info.  Of course, due to the fact that it is quite old, I do not have the original pattern, so I will be recreating the pattern based on the existing completed item. 

Perhaps I will update you as it moves forward.  But only if it looks good.  I don't like to advertise failure.

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