Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Reader,

I meant to post this entry BEFORE I made my big reveal.  I could just scrap it, but I drew the pictures, and I really still want to share.  Sorry about that.


By now, I am sure that I have you all wondering when I am going to reveal the big news I've been talking about for the last month.  Some of you will perhaps be a bit let down or perplexed by the news, but those of you who know me will understand. 

So should I continue to build up the suspense, or should I just let it all out at once?  Tough call.  I think I will give you a hint.

Can you tell what this is?  You have three choices:  a) box  b) brick  c) brownie

The answer shall be revealed soon.

Here is your next hint:

Don't be distracted by the awesomeness of the costume.  It conveys a message.

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