Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreams and Accomplishments

You know that you are pretty lame when you're biggest accomplishment of the New Year is that you have made it to World 4 in Super Mario Wii (with no help from your brother).  Be that as it may, I am still quite proud of myself.  I have also located the warp cannon to get myself to World 6.  It's just a little scary to me right now, so I will perhaps hold off on that for a while. 

In other news, I may be making a cake sometime soon!  I have recently become addicted to the Pioneer Woman blog/website/fount of all knowledge.  I bought her cookbook, but the recipe for this cake is off of the website.  On a side note, I have turned a lot of people on to her recipes as well.  My mother has made her cinnamon rolls, mashed potatoes, potato skins and some other totally yummy things.  If you'd like to check it out, Google "Pioneer Woman."  You can thank me later.

Last night I had a very vivid and inexplicable dream.  Actually, it probably wasn't my only dream of the night, but it is the one I had right before waking up so it was more memorable.  For some reason, I was back in Fergus Falls, the hometown of my youth.  I was running all over the place with a group of people that I don't know from real life.  Why were we running?  We were being chased.  By zombies.

First of all, why zombies?  I am not a horror film junkie.  If anything I am a horror film avoider.  My theory is that by exposing my eyeballs to scary images I am more likely to have bad dreams.  So much for that theory.

Anyway, after running all over town, we ended up in front of my childhood home.  Apparently it was some sort of safe house.  We holed up in there and fought off any zombies that got in.  But here is where it is weird.  Or weirder.  Our weapons were just things like canes and sticks, but we acted like they were machine guns.  When I would point them at the zombies and make gun noises, nothing would happen.  I would then REMIND the zombies that the sticks were actually guns and that I had shot them so they should fall down.  Which they did. 

Finally, I realized (in my dream) that the only surefire way to get out of the battle was to "wake up."  Was this literal?  Not really.  It was just a rapid scene shift that took me out of the Fergus Falls zombie-land and into a regular house.  Shortly thereafter I really woke up, completely disoriented, to my alarm buzzer.

What does it mean?  If anyone reading this a psychologist, feel free to offer your analysis. 

Perhaps I will dream about it again someday and get some closure.

P.S.  Oh yes.  Get ready because my big exciting news will be revealed VERY soon! 

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