Friday, January 21, 2011

Frostbite Falls, MN

There are times when I think that I love TV shows and their writers (and their actors too).  Then there are times when I think that it is all a bunch of made-up trash that gives us a skewed idea of what an ideal reality should be.  Mostly I am somewhere in between these two extremes, but since I've been on break I have had a chance to really catch up with my favorite shows through the magic of DVD. 

As I am pretty sure that I have never mentioned my favorite shows in the past (aside from some South Park references), I know you probably cannot guess what I could possibly be watching right now.  Unless you work with me and have discussed several of these shows (you know who you are). 

So first of all, I have recently been introduced to the hilarity that is Modern Family.  I had heard raves about the show from many different people, but due to my utter hatred of my digital converter box and the frustration that it causes I have not watched a regular TV show at my home for quite some time.  Thankfully, one of my friends possesses the first season of Modern Family on DVD and was kind enough to lend it to me.  I watched the entire season in about a week and now I am searching for my own copy of it so that I can re-watch it when the mood inspires me.

Next, there is Bones.  I have loved this show since it first came out many years ago, but again my digital converter box frustration paired with my graduate school evening class schedule has precluded my ability to enjoy it on a regular basis.  Again, DVD to the rescue.  The same friend who lent me her copy of Modern Family was also kind enough to enable me to obtain the second season of Bones on DVD for Christmas. 

How and why was this a big deal?  I will tell you.  You see, several years ago I purchased a copy of season one of Bones at my local Target.  Some time later I found myself ready to purchase season two.  I returned to my local Target to do this.  To my surprise, the first two seasons were no longer available separately; they were only being sold as a double value pack.  Not being one to pay for something I already have (unless I forget that I already own something) I refused to purchase a second copy of season one simply to obtain season two.

This continued for a long time.  I complained about it frequently, most notably to my coworker who also loves this show.  Imagine my joy when she presented me with the value pack for Christmas with the plan to split the pack - she took season one and gave me season two.  Such generosity brings a tear to my eye, even now.

Where am I going with this?  Why am I rambling?  Has the cold temperature outside frozen my ability to focus on a theme?  Perhaps.  Let's switch gears.

So last night I made stew.  Beef stew with paprika to be specific, from the Pioneer Woman blog.  This woman is amazing - if you've never checked out her blog, it is the blog which puts all other blogs to shame.  Google her and see what I mean.  You may never come back to my blog again.

I suppose you're all wondering how it turned out.  The stew, I mean.  It was awesome - totally worth it.  Although, I probably should have given more thought to the fact that stews generally take several hours to make and make your whole house smell of their ingredients.  Thank goodness that the recipe called for beer - I had to purchase a six pack which left me five beers to enjoy while I waited to eat.  Don't worry, I didn't drink five beers.  Just two - a brew from the New Belgium people appropriately called "Two Below."  As in degrees.  Which is technically warm compared to the current outside temperature here in MN, but you know what I mean.

So now I have leftovers that I will hopefully be inspired to eat for lunch today and next week as well.  By the end of that time I am anticipating that the odor of beef and paprika will have faded from my house so that I can move on to the next recipe.  As of yet, I have not determined what that recipe shall be, but I am trying really hard not to fall back on grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Or toast.

I realize that this entry has not taken a turn for the coherent, but I hope that it was at least a little bit informative.  If you are reading this and live in Minnesota, I hope that you manage to avoid frostbite this weekend.  If you do not live in the land of -30 degrees (Fahrenheit), I don't want to hear about it.

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