Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cry me a river

In case you didn't know, looking for a new job is tough.  Thankfully, I am not in a position that I am without work and am at a point of desperation.  However, with the end finally in sight for my MLIS degree, I am getting antsy about my prospects.

I suspect that this principle may apply to most professions, but in most of the library jobs I find that sound interesting, I am noticing that not only do they require a completed MLIS degree from an accredited school (which I will have after December), but they require at least some library experience. 

To me, this means that I need to get a library job that doesn't have the degree requirement so that when I do have the degree I will be able to fulfill both of these areas.  Got it? 

The problem with this scenario is that library jobs without the degree requirement are typically not high-paying or even necessarily full time options.  Personally, pay really isn't of huge interest to me.  Unfortunately, the people who send me monthly statements and bills may feel differently.  I own a house, which alone is enough to make me think twice about how much I can accept for income. 

You may be thinking, "Why not just sell your house?"  Well, it appears that the same thing that has happened to thousands of other homeowners in the U.S. has also happened to me.  I bought high.  I could go into all the complicated reasons why selling is a bit of a non-option for me at this point, but you don't want to hear that, right?

So... for the past few months I have been scanning posts and occasionally submitting applications and resumes for positions that I think I might have a chance at getting.  So far, nothing has come of it.  I am not sure if my resume is weak due to the fact that I have been at the same company for over nine years and it is the only job I have had since college.  Or maybe I am not writing up the right qualities and job duties in my list of accomplishments.  Maybe the font is off-putting.  Who knows.

Today I actually filled out an application to a position for which I know that I am over-qualified.  I wish that this could be some assurance that I would get it, but my confidence is really not that great any more.

Good grief, this is a whiny entry!  Time to get a move on!  Take a shower!  Bring the dog to the groomer!  Pick out a restaurant for dinner!  Brush my teeth! 

Maybe not in that order.

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