Friday, July 29, 2011

Plans for support

Well, it's Friday.  Like all Fridays, this brings the question from any and all acquaintances, "So... what are your weekend plans?"

This time around, I just shrug and say, "Not much."

Just so you know, this is the truth.  I officially have no set plans for the weekend.  Of course, I do hope to get my dog in for a quick nail trim treatment and my usual place is unavailable so I may brave the aisles of Petsmart.  Does that qualify as a plan?

Oh, and it is quite possible that I will embark on one of the most hated types of shopping imaginable (to a woman):  bra shopping.  About a year ago, I finally was introduced to the wonderful world of Nordstroms and their personal shoppers. 

Note:  if you are a guy who is related to me and get squeamish at talk of female undergarments worn by your sister/daughter/niece/other, read no further.

Back to Nordstroms.  Ladies, this is one of the greatest setups I have ever heard of.  You are ushered to your own dressing room and assigned your own salesgirl.  She measures you to get an accurate reading (because who really knows their proper bra size), asks about style/needs/comfort and then whisks away to find you a dazzling array of options.

After giving you a chance to try them all on, she reassesses your mood and needs and then goes back for another round.  This continues until you have what you want.  Or give up, dissolve into tears and run as quickly as you can back to the parking ramp.  But where did you leave your car?  Never mind.  That has never happened.  To me.

I think that one of the reasons it is so nice is that you really truly do feel like someone is taking care of you.  No longer do you have to dig through racks of delicates to find your size only to wonder if this particular brand runs big, small, loose, tight etc.  Your new fairy bramother will do it for you! 

There are only two downsides to this whole rigamarole.

1.  Good bras are EXPENSIVE.  I realize it is a necessary and worthwhile investment, but paying this much for a foundation garment is a little hard to accept sometimes.  Especially when I am the only one who really ever sees it. 

2.  The only Nordstroms in MN is at the Mall of America.  To be clear, I have nothing against the MOA itself.  I simply hate that I have to contend with the crowds that show up to such a gross behemoth.  I like to park near the store and get in and out quickly.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of parking where and when you need it.  There have been times when I have spent 30 minutes circling the levels of the parking ramp, only to end up parked in the middle of nowhere at the opposite end of the mall from my store.  After parking, I must then fight my way through the crowded hallways clogged with double strollers and lollygagging out-of-towners.  Grrrr. 

So... it looks like I may be adding another plan to my weekend.  True, it is one that is nearly guaranteed to raise my blood pressure, but at least I shall be properly supported.

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