Monday, July 11, 2011

Raindrops on roses

Oh dear.  It looks like this past weekend my readership levels were pretty low.  Not that I am becoming obsessed with numbers, but I am not sure if should be worried or pleased.  Worried for obvious reasons, but pleased because it means that the people who read me actually do have lives and real things to attend to.

As for me, I have been busy.  Not only is school gearing up for the grand finale of work, but work has been a bit of a drain lately.  Oh, and I spent the past weekend in the crazy experience that is Bonanza Valley Days.  I shall have more to say on this in the future, but to keep it simple and within my brainpower (and to have it done in the 10 minutes I have before class), I will share a simpler story.

Last night I had the duty (or privilege, depending on who you ask) of sharing my bed with both my dog, Lena, and one of my parents' dogs, Pippi.  They are nice girls and usually give me no trouble. 

Unfortunately, Pippi has a slight issue when it comes to storms.  Specifically, she gets a little worked up over thunder.  Nothing major, she just can't settle down and sleep until its over.  Normally, she heads for the basement and lays on some blankets, but my bed was on the second floor and my door was shut.  Oh, and we needed to be quiet because my mother was to rise at 4 a.m. for work. 

After a weekend full of obscene heat and humidity (and allergies) I was more than ready to sleep soundly on Sunday night.  I gathered my dogs to slumber, when... BAM!  An extremely loud and slightly scary sounding storm hit.  It was so loud and unexpected that both Pippi and Lena were startled and a bit shaky.

What happened next was a bit strange.  At least for me.  In my own head. 

All of the scary storm noises paired with the fact that I was trying to comfort a couple of scared young pups in my bed made me draw a connection to something sort of.... dorky.

Have you ever seen the movie version of "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews?  I have.  Many times.  I am not going to go into background and set up for this for those who have not seen it, but those of you who have, you should know where I am going with this. 

Essentially, in my effort to calm the dogs, I found myself humming "My Favorite Things" to the dogs without realizing why I was doing it.  After a few bars, it hit me that I was pretending to be Maria singing to the frightened Von Trapp children.  Oddly, there is a line in the song that says "When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad." 

Can the song still be comforting to a dog?  I don't know.  All I know is that until that storm officially passed over our house, there was no peace for me.  Don't worry, it didn't drive me to think that I could make the dogs cute outfits out of my mom's comforter. Mostly because I wouldn't have the first clue how to do that.

OK, it looks like my time is up and I have to head down to class.  I am starting to regret that I did not take this time to find food.  A handful of Triscuits for lunch might not be enough to get me through the next three hours.  Or maybe the hunger pangs will be what keeps me awake.  Maybe it's time to sing.

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