Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Filter THIS

So the saga continues.  Yesterday after work, I detoured up to my house to try out a new suggestion courtesy of our office manager. 

To do this, I had to first take care of a few other things.  First, check to make sure that my outdoor spigot is not still "winterized."  Check.

Second, locate the garden hose my father bought me when I moved into my house.  Check.

Third, change clothes.  This could get messy.

After completing these steps and hooking up the hose to the spigot I approached the air conditioner unit.  Using Leo's carefully explained method, I indirectly sprayed off the outer coil vents of the unit to remove any grass, cottonwood seeds, rocks, etc.  I think I did a pretty good job not only of removing debris but of not completely drenching myself in the process. 

Mission completed, I went back inside to wait a few minutes.  Obviously I realize that change takes time.  It is worth noting that it was 75 degrees when I got in the house and it was still 75 when I left.  It is supposed to be 70.  Meh.

The reason I could not stay too long to wait for results was that I had dinner plans.  While eating dinner I received another good suggestion.  So good, I feel a bit dumb that I did not think of it.

See, in most central ventilation systems these days, there are these things called filters.  Now, when I moved in, I was told to change these twice a year, usually in the fall and spring.  I always bought the fancy 3M Filtrete ones that cost in the range of $10-15.  No big deal.  Except when I am at Target and forget the size of the filter I need, purchase the wrong one and waste a bunch of money.

Anyway.  As hard as I try, I cannot remember exactly when I last changed the filter.  If I had to try, I would say it was probably last fall or even winter.  I am fairly certain that it did not get replaced this spring because I was not home very much. 

So when Nick asked if I had replaced my air filter, I had to sheepishly reply in the negative.  I then learned that I had been spending WAY too much on filters and replacing them nowhere near often enough.  Apparently one can find much cheaper filters at, say, Home Depot that can be replaced monthly. 

Therefore, my lunch break plans today will include a jaunt back up to my local Home Depot to purchase filters and another quick run to my house to replace what is likely a completely clogged one.  I will then hightail it back to work.

After work today I will be making ANOTHER detour to my house to check the temperature situation. 

If all of this seems a bit ridiculous to you, let me give you a bit more information.  You see, I have a scheduled appointment for the A/C repair person to be at my house tomorrow.  This will likely cost me money in the end.  Oh, and I will have to take off of work for it.  Not exactly the kind of thing I like to use my days off to do.  So... if I can solve this problem myself for the cost of some new filters (and gas for all my extra car trips), I will do it.  If it doesn't work, oh well.  At least I will be spared the embarrassment of having the A/C person find that everything was because of an old air filter.

The bonus to this is that IF this latest attempt works, Lena and I can come home tonight.  Of course, we will probably be back down on Thursday night for the weekend, but it could be glorious to actually get some cleaning done at my OWN HOUSE.  The one I pay for every month.  The one I will likely be paying for every month until the day I die.  Better get cracking.

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