Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I survived the 4th

It looks like I had a serious downtick in viewings over the weekend, but that is a good thing (in my opinion).  That means that instead of sitting indoors on your computer, you were out there in the world, experiencing the joy that accompanies an extended weekend celebration of Independence Day (if you are from the U.S.) 

In case you were wondering, my weekend was very nice.  Pretty relaxing, actually.  True, I was not quite as productive as I had hoped to be, at least from a scholarly standpoint.  On the other hand, I did complete my three chapters of reading and pretty much completed the work for this week's assignment.  It just needs to be typed up.  Oh, and I also did manage to locate some articles for next week's presentation just in time for tomorrow's deadline.  Boo-ya.

One important revelation I had this weekend is that I am really anxious to start spending some more time at home.  Nothing against my parents and their hospitality, but paying out for a mortgage every month really makes me feel drawn to actually sleep under that expensive roof once in a while.  Thankfully, two weeks from tomorrow, summer school will be OVER.  It has indeed gone by quickly, but I will not be sorry to see it end.

To be honest, I am feeling a little bad that I do not have anything interesting to share with you about my weekend.  Of course, this should be balanced against the fact that my next two weekends are going to be full of interesting stories to share as I venture out in both instances to scenic Brooten, MN. 

If you've never heard of Brooten, you really must Google it sometime.  You're sure to be impressed.

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