Friday, June 17, 2011

Artist's Renderings

There was a time that I was quite prolific with my artwork.  Perhaps I will experience such creativity again, but before I can do that I feel that I should publish some of the works that I did not release previously.


Bow before me!
This drawing was inspired by an online article written by one of my favorite cartoon bloggers, Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half.  Here I am, taking Allie's advice and dominating in the workplace.

Celebrate good times.  Come on!
Every year, we must come up with appropriate holiday greetings in the workplace.  This one did not make the cut as most people could not appreciate we were referencing the landing of Columbus in his ships. 

Finding my style
 Sometimes it is fun to draw like a child.  Except when you are not trying to draw like a child.  Then it is worrisome.

Happy Valentine's Day
 Someone brought a whole bag of Lindor truffles into work and it was very difficult to avoid.  I decided to make it my creative muse for a potential greeting card pitch.  I am pretty sure it didn't work largely due to my awful choice of background color.  Was I thinking that it looked like grass?  Who knows?

Don't try this at home.
This must have been drawn around the time of the potluck.  Sometimes, when I feel nice, I will make a dessert called "Death By Chocolate."  It really is decadent, but I never have leftovers so people must rationalize their consumption pretty strongly.

So there are more pictures to come in the future, but I thought that I would leave you with these for now.  I don't want to overload your brains with my artistic genius.

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