Sunday, June 5, 2011

Off on a Caribou Dash

I have given some serious thought to the possibility of writing an entry for every day this month.  It could be possible, except that I am not sure how I will do it while at the Hallinglag at month end.  Perhaps the high class Fargo motel we are staying in has wi-fi?  We shall see.

Today's entry should be a little more brief as I am hoping to get over to Caribou to visit my mom before her shift ends in 45 minutes.

Last night's covert operation went well.  It was nice to sit with people in a casual setting and just enjoy being outside.  It is always so hard to find free time in summer for impromptu grilling parties, that when it works, it is awesome.  Plus, my friend brought over some really yummy cucumber sandwiches and my mother made my great-aunt's recipe for rhubarb dessert.  Normally I am not a cucumber fan, by the way, but these sandwiches were addictive!

I am looking forward to a quiet and lazy day today, with the exception of the readings I have to do for tomorrow's class.  It is going to be a hard adjustment to having a Monday night class as it is not something I have ever experienced before.  My grad school traditionally does not schedule Monday night courses during the regular school year as they like to reserve the evening for department-wide lectures, meetings and gatherings.  As I don't really like to make an extra post-work trip to St. Paul, I have never attended.

There is just something about Mondays that make it seem so unnatural to add in yet another obligation.  Here's hoping that it goes well.  There is always the positive angle to take that having Monday and Wednesday classes get the dirty work over early in the week thus allowing me to enjoy my weekend more fully.  Right?

Next weekend is going to be a bit of a doozy, I think.  I am hoping to get my new car detailing and body work done on Saturday morning.  I must then return home to help my mother prepare for a baby shower we are hosting on Sunday.  Why the early prep work?  My mother's stepsister is getting remarried next Saturday night and my parents' house is going to be the central dressing/prep space for the ladies of the group.  Oh, and my mom and I are in charge of manning the chocolate fountain out at their reception later in the evening.  It really should be fun, especially since my brother is coming home for the occasion.

I must now dash to ready myself for the quick Caribou run.  I really really REALLY feel the need for an iced espresso drink this morning.

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  1. Chocolate fountains are worth all the effort!!